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What Are The Features Of The Tactical Vest?
- Jan 07, 2019 -

* High-quality nylon materials, tensile wear-resisting ability is stronger, while taking into account comfort, feel more soft

* Front side is molle design, can be easily equipped with other small equipment

* Shoulder and waist side are Velcro and buckle design, quick and easy to wear and unload

* A total of three detachable accessory packages to meet the requirements of loading different items

* One of the attachment packages has a large piece of Velcro design, can be pasted badge as proof of identity

* Internally removable rubber sheets for protection of the body

* This product adopts 1000D encrypted nylon material, waterproof coating

* High-quality magic stickers use no distortion multiple times

* All the use of Molle fast disassembly combined system, according to their own habits and requirements for combination