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What Are The Advanced Tactical Vests In The World?
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Tactical vest refers to the military police wear outside, used to increase the number of various munitions carrying equipment, the selection of high-quality nylon webbing, with wear-resistant, lightweight and so on. Can be worn outside the bulletproof vest, will not be bulletproof vests, radios, umbrellas and other obstacles caused by special forces widely used equipment, it is necessary to note that the tactical vest is not bulletproof function.

In addition to special forces, ordinary troops will be equipped with tactical vests, but the special forces and ordinary army tactical vests have a lot of differences, resulting in the special forces on the use of their equipment requirements than the average soldier is much higher. The vest used by special forces, in addition to its technologically advanced design, also increases the cost of durability required for the manufacture of materials.

After feeling the tactical vest on, the fighting has improved.