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- Aug 07, 2018 -

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Republic of Vanuatu

This small island nation lies in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 1750 kilometers off the east coast of Australia. Formerly known by European peoples as New Hebrides, parts of the islands were claimed by both Great Britain and France beginning in the 1880s. The region was jointly administered by both nations until 1980, when the Republic was formed after a campaign of independence lasting several years was launched during the 1970s. Archaeological records suggest that native inhabitants of the islands have been living here since at least 1100 BCE.

Vanuatu does not have a standing armed force, preferring instead to rely on the Ni-Vanuatu Police (Vanuatu Police Force) and its paramilitary branch, the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) for both external and internal security.

Camouflage in Vanuatu

  • The VMF wear a variation of woodland camouflage having a very strong brown colorway. Seen here worn by members of the band, the uniform seems to be standard issue across the Force.