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US Military Army Forces Tactical Vest
- Jan 07, 2019 -

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The large-scale use of the U.S. military vest designed specifically for special combat was a matter of the late 1980s. During 

the Cold War, nuclear deterrence did not make any significant use of special forces or even infantry. At that time, the special 

forces were neglected. The troops were reduced and the budget was reduced. The post-Cold War war is not the same. The 

intensifying conflicts, the anti-drug fighting, domestic turmoil and terrorist activities in South America, the Middle East and 

Africa are increasing. Coupled with the long-range armed reconnaissance or hostile armed harassment in large-scale wars, 

Elite special forces to complete. Special operations occupy an increasingly important position in the strategic and tactical 

operations of the U.S. military. Correspondingly, special equipment has sprung up like mushrooms.

In fact, during the Vietnam War, the U.S. special forces units participating in the war started to use more personalized 

vehicles but no real design for special combat vehicles. Most of them are soldiers of the special forces units who, in light of 

their own experience, do it on their own. With the transformation based on the only change is more that kind of thing.

Slowly, some of the retired Special Forces soldiers began to design tactical vests based on their experience on the 

battlefield during that year. For example, based on their own experience of using weapons, it was appropriate to determine 

the number of magazines on the vest . For example, spare magazine or grenade on where to place in the battle easier, 

faster get. As for the other issues to consider, where is the medical pack, where the kettle should be placed and whether 

buoyancy plates should be added to the vest. We can see these vests have fully considered these factors. And, oh, these 

vests are designed to meet versatility and have the ability to make handy changes to different tasks.

The current trend of equipment has been completely modular, with ordinary soldiers and equipment well combined. In fact, for a special forces soldier, choose the vest to use their own standard is whether it meets the actual tactical requirements.


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