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The History Of Plce
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Plce was used to replace P58, and 58 was made out of military-green canvas, which became obsolete in the 1980s. The American production of nylon-M67 (that is, later Alice) was significantly more suitable for use in tropical humid environments than canvas-made equipment during the Vietnam War. Under the guidance of the Americans, the United Kingdom developed P75 man-portable Equipment, a kit that was made up of two former ammunition packs and a plastic backpack behind it, but the outfit was not officially dispensed with because he could not meet the requirements of all SAS equipment.

Because the SA80 weapons system is ready to start in the middle and late 80. The assessment of PLCE equipment was also finalized in 1983-84, after which a P85 soldier outfit began to equip the troops, the outfit and the first set of plce equipment, but he used the crackle button to switch all the packets.

The first set of Plce (P90) was allotted in about 1988 years, using military green cloth. Use the same C-type buckle as 58 to fix the accessory, the D-Ring on the top is used to connect with the Y-band, because Y has the back strap, so there is the back D-ring, so that two of the ammunition packets are divided around. The original bag had extra straps to hold other things, a bit like a P37 or P44 ammo bag.

The new military green outfit uses the Y-belt and the standard plce belt to fix the other pairs neatly together. Equipment using DPM (disruptive pattern Material) Camo was started in 1992.