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The Future Development Trend Of PLCE
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Now many countries are starting to resemble the American Molle system as part of the future soldiers, but the MoD does not seem to have anything to do with it, and they are secretly considering using new types of equipment, but for now, The British Army is still willing to continue to use the PLCE system the new PALS system has begun to apply to the new Ospray broken-piece vest inside and into the actual combat.

+ Assault Vest

The recently equipped system updates some of the parts of the function, handing over the original PLCE system to increase the chest protection. The new system consists of a basic tactical vest and a lot of small packages, two of ammunition, plus a lot of sundries bags and changed to buckle links, known as the Osprey Tactical vest, the individual look at the chicken, a single weight of more than 3 kilograms. Many front-line soldiers are unwilling to use such things. So there is no more introduction.

Britons have also begun to speed up their recent updates on equipment, as the Osprey system has had a lot of trouble, with the MoD starting to use a newer system, making considerable improvements to the front vest, and starting to use a new camo style different from the teacher's DPM camo.