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Slovak Republic Camouflage Patterns
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Slovak Republic

The Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia divided into two states on January 1st, 1993: the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) and the Czech Republic. While still a unified nation there had been two camouflage patterns under consideration for the Czechoslovak Armed Forces, these being the vz 85 (1985 pattern) leaf (later the vz 95 "leaf" pattern) and a two color desert pattern. Both were ultimately adopted by both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, although the latter discarded the leaf pattern only two years after establishing its own independent armed forces and instead adopted a woodland design.

Slovakian Camouflage Patterns

  • Originally introduced when Slovakia was still a part of Czechoslovakia, the vz 85 camouflage pattern is a variation of the US m1948 ERDL design incorporating different colors. This was worn by some Slovakian military personnel from 1992 to 1994 (approximately).

Czech1.jpg Czech2.jpg

  • The Czech vz 95 pattern was also introduced and worn for a period of time from around 1995. Its use continues to a limited degree by the 5th Special Forces Group in Zilina.


  • The Slovakian woodland camouflage pattern was introduced in 1995, gradually replacing the Czech vz95 leaf pattern that had been issued for the previous two years. Based on different drawings than the US m81 woodland, the Slovakian pattern features black, brown & foliage green woodland shapes on a khaki background. Some collectors refer to this as "bright woodland." The pattern is officially known as vz 1997.


  • Also introduced in 1995, the Slovakian desert camouflage pattern is essentially a copy of the Czech desert pattern originally issued in 1985 when the country was still part of Czechoslovakia. The coloration is slightly different from both the original and the later version of the Czech Republic.


  • Slovakia introduced a pixelated pattern in 2007, featuring brown, dark green & khaki shapes on an olive green field. Officially the vz 2007 Les (forest) pattern, the design is unofficially known as Kocky(cubes).


  • A desert version of the pixelated pattern was also introduced in 2007. This pattern is officially designated vz 2007 Pust (desert).