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Recognition Of The Concept Of Universal Camouflage
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Around 2002 and 2003, the U.S. Army introduced its new combat suit, which we used to call the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). It can be said that this combat suit has brought us a new visual experience, although the digital camouflage from the 1980s began to test, although the US Army before the ACU, the United States Marine Corps has used the digital war suit MCCUU, But the color is special, beyond the jungle, the color of the desert closer to the cement color ACU refreshing.


ACU bring fresh, not only digital camouflage patterns, but also the UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern Universal Camouflage Pattern) concept. First of all, to say that UCP ≠ ACU, ACU more ≠ UCP. UCP there are many, I saw at least six kinds of patterns, ACU, of course, is the most common friends, is the default Army UCP. While the other five are temporarily named UCP + A in sequence. A recent CNN news article on Delta UCP, known as UCP D, has been started on the ground for some units of the Fourth Digital Infantry Division and 82 Airborne Division of the U.S. forces stationed in Afghanistan. In fact, from a certain point of view, UCP D is a sticky clay ACU ...


UCP this concept is very good, to reduce the burden on soldiers, a camouflage take the world. But I think this is irrational, but also extremely difficult to do. I got acquainted with military products later, had little understanding of the camouflage in various countries in the world, knew a little about China, the United States and Germany, and even used or learned about the camouflage of many other countries. Overall, however, each country's camouflage is in line with the main colors of its native plants, topography and environment. It is roughly divided into four major blocks: woodland, desert, snow and city. The United States never rests in the country, has always been fighting around, since the Vietnam War began to devote himself to camouflage, from the ERDL to the present UCP Delta, Multicam and so on, during which the most classic may have been the use of Woodland (generally known as the jungle Or jungle four colors) and Desert (generally referred to as the three sand). After entering the digital era, the U.S. Army used ACU. While continuing to use BDU and DCU, the U.S. Navy launched its digital NWU overalls. The U.S. Air Force uses the digital tabby ABU and the US Marine Corps uses the MCCUU. It has been divided into forests and deserts Two styles.


The environment in all parts of the world is quite different. It can be said that the United States launched the UCP to better serve as the world police. The ACU was chosen because the U.S. troops attacked Afghanistan. After the invasion of Iraq, the environment changed again. Camouflage.


I personally do not think there is a common camouflage, so I still like the Marines MCCUU divided into two styles of concept. After all, camouflage is not a chameleon, only to blur the pattern and the surrounding environment.


This time, the U.S. military test, except for the entry of the UCP Delta, and the last unsuccessful Multicam. The latter is already very red, and the American soldier wore it in Transformers 1, often referred to in the country as CP (made by Crye Precision) or MC (acronym Multicam). Multicam personally think that so cool, the effect is not bad.

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