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Personal Equipment
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Personal unit equipment includes combat equipment and life equipment. Combat equipment usually has the following personal configuration: A bulletproof helmet, tactical flashlight a, protective goggles one deputy vice, body armor, goggles, a neck guard a hem type body armor, armour type a, type hem bulletproof armor type jumpsuit armor protection module is a set of more groups, suspenders skirt type of armor type collocation more overlay module type a, bulletproof bulletproof pants pants type ankle support group, tactical elbow pads a set, tactical knee a set, multifunctional modular individual tactical vest a set of individual tactics underpants, multi-function module type a individual tactics, multifunctional military module type belt a, military individual tactics belt, condole belt carrying multi-function modular tactical loaded a set, multifunctional tactical individual army In a single package and module type handguns set of a set, multifunctional soldier military tactical semi-automatic pistol and set a cartridge, a compass, a soldier handheld battle station a, the ninth type automatic assault rifle a long, short purposeof type automatic assault rifle a, three type automatic assault rifle a, zero 5 decline automatic assault rifle a, domestic high precision sniper rifle a, eight BaShi sniper rifle a sniper rifle, zero type a, and nine from a sniper rifle, light a general guns, CQ 762 mm light general machine guns a, eight BaShi light general, CQ, 762 Mm heavy universal machine guns a, eight BaShi heavy gm a, eight or nine heavy universal machine a, automatic rifle cartridge five, sniper rifle cartridge five five, general machine, general machine gun cartridge for play with five, reopened type automatic attacking pike tubular pistol a, and six full auto attacking long tubular pistol, 7 type automatic attacking spear pipe type handgun a, standards, equipped with automatic attacking long tubular handguns 21, standards, equipped with automatic attacking spear pipe handguns 21, the ninth bayonet a, military dagger pair, sundry pack a bag a life One anti-virus mask, one high polymer kettle, one escape rope, one night vision detection telescope, one tactical patrol kit, one pair of anti-missile combat boots, one wrist chart clip. Life kind of equipment is usually the following configuration: marching type large travel bag, marching type medium small travel backpack, travel bag, marching type marching type large travel hand wan package, marching type medium-sized travel hand in package, marching arm in arm type small travel bag and so on.

PS :(1) fully automatic assault pistol can be selected between type 92 and type 06, and each person must be equipped with two pistols. (2) the above mentioned rifles and machine guns can be combined according to their different fighting positions; For example, the rifleman can choose the combination of type 92 automatic assault rifle and type 8 sniper rifle, or the combination of type 03 automatic assault rifle and type 05 micro voice automatic assault rifle. The gunner can choose to use type heavy general machine guns collocation purposeof type light general combination, also can choose eight BaShi heavy general machine guns to collocation type heavy gm and other rifles.