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Papua New Guinea
- Aug 06, 2018 -

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Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has a small military force of just over 2000 personnel, the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF). The nation and its military have strong ties to AustraliaNew Zealand and the United States.

  • The standard camouflage uniform of the PNGDF from the mid-1970s to the present has been a variation of British DPM pattern incorporating five colors instead of the usual four. Known locally as Kumul, the term is an indigenous name for the Raggiana bird of paradise, which is the national bird of this nation. All variants feature black, chocolate brown, olive green & ochre disruptive shapes on a yellowish-khaki background and are similar to some versions produced in New Zealand. Uniforms in this pattern have been procured from a variety of sources (including Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand), and variations in color reflect the different manufacturing techniques, dyes, and fabrics available from these vendors.

Png2.jpg Png3.jpg Png4.jpg Png5.jpg

  • Some members of the PNGDF have historically worn a locally-produced copy of US m81 woodland camouflage pattern. These may have been sourced in Australia or Asia, but the pattern appears to be a fairly faithful copy of the US-made original.


  • Members of the Royal PNG Constabulary Special Services are documented as wearing a blue & maroon variant of DPM pattern. Consisting of black, dark blue & maroon disruptive shapes on a light blue background. The pattern is very similar to, and may even be a copy, of the Philippine National Police blue DPM pattern.


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