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MOLLE Generation II Backpack
- Jan 07, 2019 -

MOLLE Generation II backpack


Battlefield user feedback MOLLE system the first edition of the guide to some part of the modification plan of MOLLE. After the change, MOLLE developed into MOLLE second. Specific changes include:

>Cancelled the rapid release frame of the whole embedded combat vest (LBV)

>In order to cooperate with permanently installed on the frame of the belt, the probe and the slot structure is changed into a "quick release structure

>MOLLE Generation II backpack girdle is the same size (NATO storage number is 8465-01-465-2109, the same as the small belt of the MOLLE system)

>When the MOLLE combat vest (LBV) was redesigned, the molded belt was cancelled, named MOLLE second combat Kit (FLC) (NATO storage number was 8465-01-465-2056, the same as the LBV battle vest of the MOLLE system)

>The expansion of the MOLLE vest eliminates the need for a multi-functional belt (NATO storage number 8465-01-465-2082)

>MOLLE ass bag is replaced by MOLLE second system pocket (NATO storage number unchanged)

>The MOLLE second system uses a multi function / kettle bag (NATO storage number 8465-01-484-0450)

>MOLLE single carriers were canceled 30 rounds (NATO stock number 8465-01-465-2079)


MOLLE made improvements for the army and was replaced by new products in the Marine Corps

Battlefield user feedback MOLLE system was based on the MOLLE system has been modified, canceled the rapid release 

of the overall framework of embedded articles for combat vest. Amendments also allow developers to better use of 

traditional permanent mounted on the frame belt, with quick release structure instead of the probe and the slot structure, 

because the structure makes it difficult for many army soldiers and marines.


In Afghanistan, the army noticed that when the MOLLE kit was stuffed, the zipper would pop open. Another drawback is that 

the shoulder straps are slightly shorter and cannot be easily moved through bullet proof armor (such as PASGT or 

interceptors). MOLLE improved zipper and long straps with locking function.


The Marines are still not satisfied with the improved MOLLE system, thus replacing the MOLLE system with the improved 

ILBE (and the old ALICE system (multi purpose lightweight personal carry system)).