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Macedonian Camouflage Patterns
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Republic of Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia (Република Македонија, or Republika Makedonija) has been an independent state since 1991. It was formerly a province within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, but achieved its independence without any conflict at all. The Macedonian Army (Armija na Republika Makedonija, or ARM) did have limited involvement during the crisis in Kosovo (primarily guarding its national borders) and fought an insurgency against ethnic Albanians between March and June of 2001.

Although initially outfitted in combat uniforms of the Yugoslavian National Army (JNA), the ARM shortly introduced its own distinctive camouflage uniform in 1992. Some units have also worn surplus USmilitary uniforms. Two new pixelated camouflage designs were produced beginning in 2009.

Macedonian Camouflage Patterns

  • Introduced in 1992, the ARM camouflage pattern is a four-color design that has seen at least three primary color variants. Seemingly unrelated to the general "families" of camouflage, all versions are being phased out of use with the implementation of the pixeleated designs. Seen here are the two early versions, the first incorporating medium brown, ochre & olive green on a tan background, and the second dark brown, light brown & forest green on a tan background.

Macedonia1.jpg Macedonia2.jpg

  • A variation of the ARM four-colour pattern is seen here, slightly darker, having black, brown and forest green on a tan background. This pattern dates to around 1995.


  • The Special Operations Unit "Tiger" (Единица за специјални задачи) are an elite special police unit, falling under the administration of the Federal Police (Полиција) or PM. Although the unit commonly deploys in solid black battledress, it has at times worn a four-color urban camouflage pattern based on around the US m81 woodland design. The colorway features black, dark grey & blue-grey woodland shapes on a light grey background.


  • Another special police unit is the Rapid Deployment Unit (EMR) or Единица за брзо распоредување, which wears a copy of UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern).


  • Another federal police unit with special duties is the Посебна Единица за Поддршка (Special Support Unit), which handles crowd control and riots, among other duties. This unit wears a copy of the USMC MARPAT temperate camouflage.


  • Introduced in 2009, the Macedonian Armed Forces have adopted a temperate "digital" camouflage pattern incorporating black, brown and light olive on a green field. A desert version of the pattern has also been adopted, incorporating spice brown, mint green & off-white on a sand-colored field.

Macedonia6.jpg Macedonia7.jpg

Other Camouflage Patterns Worn by Macedonia

  • The old Yugoslav (JNA) "mountain" sniper suit was worn by special units of the ARM until only recently.


  • Early units of the ARM wore the JNA m89 oakleaf pattern camouflage uniform. The uniform was phased out quickly, and probably worn no later than 1992.


  • Many units of the Macedonian Police have worn the same green tiger or lizard camouflage pattern as other former Yugoslavian republics.


  • Units of the ARM also wear ex-USA surplus m81 woodland pattern camouflage uniforms.


  • Macedonian units operating in Afghanistan (ISAF) and Iraq (OIF) have also deployed wearing ex-USA surplus tricolor desert pattern camouflage uniforms.