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M84 Camouflage Pattern
- Jun 07, 2018 -

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The M/84 camouflage pattern (DanishM/84 Pletsløring), is the former camouflage pattern of the Danish military. The M/84 is a derivative of the Flecktarn B pattern produced by the German firm Marquardt & Schulz. Using the same shapes and pattern, the number of colours was changed from 5 to 3 – choosing olive green, light green and black to better match the colouration of the Danish woodland environment.[2] The use of spots creates a "dithering" effect, which eliminates hard boundaries between the different colors in much the same way the squares in the newest digital camouflage patterns do. The pattern is designed for use in temperate woodland terrain. It has been adapted as desert camouflage by varying the colors. It has since been replaced by M/11.[3]


In the early 1970s the Danish Defence was looking for a replacement for the olive-grey combat uniform M/58, with the German Flecktarn chosen as basis for the new camouflage.[4] In 1978, the T/78 was presented, though it was never adopted but it eventually evolved into the M/84 pattern in 1984, hence the name — Model 1984.[4] The M/84 saw wider use by Baltic countries during the IFOR mission in 1995.[5]

In 1999, members of the SHIRBRIG were issued a desert version M/84, during the UN mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The desert was further improved into the M/01, for the fighting in Afghanistan.[2] In 2012 the Danish Defence announced it would replace the M/84 and M/01 with MultiCam, dubbed M/11.[3]

Modern use

The M/84 is currently being replaced by the M/11 in the Danish Defence and Home Guard and is only put into limited use. It is very sought after by collectors and enthusiast, due to the quality and rarity.[2] Furthermore, both an Urban and Snow version have been produced for commercial use.[2][6] In 2006, Russia introduced their own version of the M/84, called the Flectar-D with the 'D' standing for 'Denmark'.[4]