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Leibermuster And Jigsaw Camouflage
- May 11, 2018 -

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Leibermuster is a six-color military camouflage pattern developed by the German military in February 1945. It was the last of a 

family of German World War II camouflage patterns. Known in German as "Buntfarbenaufdruck 45" ('Multi-colour print pattern 

45')[citation needed] for its year of introduction, Leibermuster (named after the brothers Leiber, the pattern's creators) was issued 

on a very limited basis to combat units before the war ended. It was the first pattern issued to both regular army (Wehrmacht), 

and Waffen-SS units. The pattern consists of black, brown, olive, pale green, white, and red.

Reproduction Leibermuster uniforms, created for collectors and reenactors, have become available on the market through 

European vendors.[1] Reproductions are made in China and Turkey.

Jigsaw camouflage is a camouflage pattern worn by the Belgian Land Component. It was originally mainly used by special forces and paratroops