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Interceptor Body Armor Part 2
- Jan 07, 2019 -

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Present equipment

Helmets The U.S. Army is now equipped with ACH helmets, roughly in the same style as the MICH2000 on Taobao, with suspended colors (sandwiches) of sand and leaf green, which appear to be black early.Knee support, and some with public BIJIAN, but also ALTA, the current two mostly, personal recommendation ALTA knee, look good.

Army boots army is issued belleville 790 and 390, but also since the purchase of O and other models, 511 not, that at most only the police in use Vests, from 2004 to 2007 with OTV, IOTV has been used since then, there are some soldiers from the purchase of other types of vests.

If you play COS do not want to talk too much money, it is recommended to buy TMC's OTV, and then use the FLC block 

color, or directly buy a military version of the outer skin, plug yourself some books or something like the vest up.

The active army has been fully OCP camouflage, by the way, most of the population in the ACU camouflage, the correct 

name should be UCP camouflage, ACU is the type of clothes, clothes can be understood as the style.

Gloves: Army gloves are Nomex glove, O remember gloves are from the purchase of goods, there are super technician gloves, have seen to buy.

If you want to play Army COS play well, please go to the Black Hawk diving diving learning knowledge.



Although firearms and ammunition are illegal, nobody says bullet-proof clothes are illegal. However, US interceptor body armor is not likely to be bought, and that is restricted.

Price, not necessarily, but actually cheaper foreign. The IIIA rating on ebay ranges from $ 800 to $ 250. However, second-hand can be as low as about 100 US dollars. SAPI about 200 US dollars.

The same is true for general merchandise, however, there is a different -Dragon skin body armor. During the test, it was subjected to 6 rounds of 7.62 rounds of armor piercing fire without any breakdown. The blunt trauma was also much smaller than the normal IIIA plus SAPI. In addition, its protective area is about 80% larger than the ceramic plate. Of course, the price is not normal, 5000 US dollars, each one is tailor-made, are purchased directly from the manufacturers.