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Infantry Light Weapons
- Dec 08, 2017 -

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The United States Marine Corps's arsenal has enjoyed considerable growth during the first decade of the 21st century, in keeping with the reality that the Marine Corps must be prepared to face the challenge of anti-sabotage in addition to continuing its role as a traditional warfighter. The larger use of the M1014 shotgun (Figure E1) was one of the results, and the same result included the installation of a common track on all light weapons, including the M1014 shotgun, to attach the new target indicating device. The impact of this orbital system appears on the new M16A4 / M203 modular weapon system (Figure E2), which houses the ANCOVQ-31 Rifles Combat Scope (RCO) and AN / PSQ-18 Grenade Launcher Aiming / Laser Target Indicator. The new 9mm caliber M9A1 pistol (Figure E3) adds a track underneath the muzzle to mount a luminaire and offers some additional improvements over its predecessor M9 pistol. The M27 infantry automatic rifle (Figure E4) is the successor to the M249 automatic weapons. As with the M249, it also uses SU-258 PVQ classes with daytime scopes, as well as various target indicators including the AN / PEQ-16A.


The M32 multi-grenade launcher (Figure E5) adds considerable firepower support to even tier one units. The M136 and the improved M72 series rocket launchers (panels E6 and E7) appear together in the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq. M84-style grenades and M67-style grenades (Figures E8 and E9) represent the multiplicity of requirements for infantry missions. The M249 Class Attacking Weapon (SAW) in Figure E10 is equipped with a foldable buttstock and a M145 telescopic sight until it has been the primary weapon of the infantry firearm until the introduction of the I-12.


The OKC-3S Multi-function Bayonet (E11) replaced the M7 bayonet in 2003, but the KA-BAR Saber, which is of great symbolic significance to the Marine Corps, is retained. A variety of high precision rifles were developed for the newly created "Specified Accurate Shooter" position, one of which is the derivative of the M14 rifle - the M39 Enhanced Precision Shooting Rifle (Figure E12), which can be installed in multiple Day or night sight, including the AN / PVS-10 sniper rifle shown in the picture. The M240 (Figure E13) is a standard medium-sized machine gun for the U.S. Marine Corps, which houses a SU-260P machine gun daytime sight and an A / N PEQ-16 target on one side of the barrel.