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How About Shopping On Black Friday
- Nov 23, 2017 -

Shopping malls and retail stores become war zones on Black Friday. So, think like a warrior. Try these strategies and tactics that have secured victory through out the ages.


#5 Siege Warfare

The most tested Black Friday strategy. If you want to be the first in the door, a multi-day store siege can get you there. Be ready to set up camp early and hold your ground. Pack the right clothes, food and equipment. Don’t forget entertainment and power. During a siege, whoever has the most resources wins.



#4 Reconnaissance

Only rookies head into the field without intel. Scout your target stores in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Map traffic patterns and know where you’re going when your bust through the door. You don’t want to waste time getting your bearings. Rapidly seize objectives and move to the next targets.


#3 Island Hopping

Just like General MacArthur, craft a plan around your most important objectives and avoid quagmires that can slow you down. Black Friday is just one day. Get the most out of your time. Bypass stores that could have you locked up for hours or major congestion traffic areas that will slow you down.



#2 Divide and conquer

Building a Black Friday squad to tackle a single store sounds like great idea, but it puts all your eggs in one basket. Take your team game to the next level. Divide shopping lists between a team of friends and take different stores. You’ll be able to cover more ground and maximize your Black Friday haul.


#1 Electronic Warfare

Your most important weapon this Black Friday is your mobile device. At some stores, you can check inventory levels in real time and receive instant shopping alerts for promotions, discounts and coupons. Click-and-Collect Programs let you access Black Friday in-store deals that can be picked up in store. You can even avoid the chaos of the battlefield altogether.


Black Friday shopping is not for the timid or weak. Be a Master Warrior. What are your Black Friday Strategies?Clink more items on http://www.aplce.com