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Goes Beyond The Traffic Stop To Make A Lasting Difference
- Jan 07, 2019 -

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Borne could have simply responded to the call, chastised Lisa for being in the roadway, written her a ticket and gone on to the next call. That would be the easy thing to do, he says, but it would have solved nothing, and he takes his duty to protect and serve very seriously.

“Instead, I took 20 minutes of my life and was able to do something that could have an impact on a mother and two kids that had been treading water for years. Why wouldn’t you do that?” he said. “I guarantee you if people knew that would be the result, they would put in 20 minutes, so why not put in the 20 minutes understanding that it could happen?”

Borne admits he might approach such situations a little differently because of his charity work. He even started a business to help him support causes he cares about. He believes that what he’s learned about social media and marketing from running the business has helped him help others.

“I have an audience that allows me to have a bigger impact than the average patrol officer on the street, and I try to use that for good,” he said. “That was the whole reason for starting the business. Why would I not use it as much as I can?”

Helping Lisa was Borne’s second GoFundMe effort in 2017. In January, he and his partner bought new tires for a teenage driver stranded with a blowout – and eventually, through a GoFundMe page, secured him a safer, more reliable car.

Borne says that effort taught him some valuable lessons that helped make the fundraiser for Lisa such a success.

“It’s not like I’m out shopping for people that need stuff, but I guess what I learned from Cody helped me market it better for Lisa, doing video instead of text. People don’t want to read,” he said, laughing, “but if a video catches their attention, they’ll watch it.”


Service is in Borne’s blood. He enlisted in the Marines in 2003 and served in Iraq and enrolled in the Austin Police Academy in 2007. He says he always wanted to be a police officer, like his father.

“I wrote down on a postcard when I was 8 that I was going to go into the Army – I didn’t know what the Marines was when I was 8 – and I was going to become a police officer because I liked their handcuffs,” he said, laughing. “It’s something I always wanted to do. I’ve always been really protective. Military and law enforcement was just the natural path for me.”

Borne is quick to say he’s not entirely comfortable with the attention he’s received for his good deeds, because he knows he’s not the only Quiet Warrior out there – far from it.

“Cops do stuff all the time,” he said. “What gets the attention with Cody and Lisa is the scale of it, not because I’m doing anything better or more often than any other cop out on the street. I can promise you that the vast majority of cops out there have done similar things – buying strollers, buying car seats, buying meals, buying hotel rooms, doing stuff all the time out of their own pockets.”

Most of these small acts of kindness go unheralded because it’s done personally between the officer and the person, and Borne is happy to help shine a light on that.

“There’s no shortage of negative stories relating to law enforcement out there, so if I can try to balance it out a little bit, I’m more than happy to do that,” he said. “It’s good for people to read about those examples and really see what their public servants are out there doing for their communities and the people they serve.”


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