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Evolution Of Military Backpacks
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Since the individual's load will directly affect their combat effectiveness and durability, so countries attach great importance to the personal use of arms and equipment, daily necessities, such as the intimate "hundred treasure SAC"-military backpack. Backpacks make soldiers and weaponry a whole.


"Backpack" heavy lifesaving

As early as the World War II, the U.S. military began to combat the need to develop a variety of military backpacks. This time the backpack is more primitive and bulky, basically is the back of the "baggage."

In 1974, the most versatile lightweight backpack of the U.S. military-"Ellis" (Alice)-was unveiled on the stage. It was developed by the American army based on the experience of the Vietnam War, and became a classic backpack that was gradually used extensively in the armies of many countries. The top of the backpack has envelope warehouse, double rain prevention, magic sticker openings, maps and other items can be placed. Backpack interior has a sleeping bag living warehouse, peripheral 3 Items warehouse, loading capacity is larger. Backpack outside there are many plug, can cooperate with the United States general-purpose hook-mounted kettle and other life equipment. This backpack has hitherto been a popular thing for people to explore, camp and travel.

In addition, the U.S. military backpack and the role of "life-saving bag." The load of the life-saving equipment consists of two parts: one is medical supplies and field survival tools, such as global positioning instrument, saber and catch small animal catcher; The second is a special bag, with coins, dollars and notes from hostile countries. The note reads: "I am an American, I ask for your help, please take me to a safe place." All the money I have is yours. "In case of capture or injury, can be timely relief."

During the 1995 Bosnian War, a captain of the United States Air Force, after being shot down in the air, had been living on a lifeguard bag in the wild for 8 days. After the 1999 Kosovo War, when a US $literal stealth fighter was shot down, the pilot used the Global positioning system in the carrying bag to get in touch with the US rescue team and was rescued 7 hours after the plane was shot down.