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Camouflage Patterns Of The Argentine Federal Forces
- Jul 30, 2018 -

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  • The Grupo Especial de Operaciones Federales (GEOF) is a special operations unit the Argentine Federal Police. This unit continues to wear locally-produced tiger stripepattern camouflage that is nearly identical to commercial models available in various parts of the world.


  • Another special operations unit of the Federal Police is GE-1. This unit wears a copy of the US-designed Universal Camouflage Pattern, or UCP.


  • A special unit of the Prefectura Naval Argentina (National Coast Guard), Grupo Albatros, have been documented wearing a copy of the US "tricolor desert" pattern.


  • The special forces unit of the National Gendarmerie is the Grupo Alacran. Since 2013, this unit has worn a pixelated camouflage design with a green colorway, nicknamed selva digital (jungle digital).

Argentina11.jpg Argalacran.jpg

Camouflage Patterns of the Argentine Provincial Police Agencies

  • Brigada Halcon (Fuerzas Especiales Halcon) is the special operations unit of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police. In the 1980s, this unit wore a camouflage uniform having a blue colorway, seen here.


  • A locally-produced urban camouflage design (possibly based on DPM) has been worn by several Provincial Police units, primarily by the Cordoba Provincial Police, but also by that of Salta, and the Brigada de Operaciones de Rescate y Antitumulto (BORA) of the Rio Negro Provincial Police.

Argentina8.jpg Argentina26.jpg

  • The Cuerpo Guardia de Infantería of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police have been documented wearing this "tiger" style camouflage design consisting of black and blue-grey stripes on a light blue background.


  • At one time, the Brigada Especial Operativa Halcón of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police wore a camouflage design based on the old Army "mottled woodland" pattern but with a blue-grey colorway. The pattern does not appear to be in service any more.


  • The Grupo de Apoyo Departamental (Departmental Support Group) or GAD is a unit of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police and was created in 2006. This unit is primarily tasked with tactical support and public order, although sub-units function in a SWAT-type role. Early incarnations of this unit wore a woodland-inspired design with grey colorway. Today the GAD wears a DPM variant having a grey/black colorway. The unit has also been documented wearing a grey pixelated camouflage design.

Arggad2.jpg Arggad.jpg Arggad3.jpg

  • Another camouflage design worn by the GAD of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police can be seen here. The current version incorporates traditional DPM shapes in black, dark blue, and mid-grey on a light grey background.


  • The Unidad de Prevención Bancaria (Bank Crimes Unit) or UPB of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police wear a distinctive camouflage-like pattern incorporating orange and violet.


  • The Tropas de Operaciones Especiales (TOE) or Special Operations Troops of the Sante Fe Provincial Police have been documented wearing a black/grey "urban" woodlanddesign, as seen here.