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Camouflage Patterns Of Algeria II
- Apr 17, 2018 -

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  • The photograph seen below [1] illustrates members of the ALN being inspected in 1962. They are wearing a spot-type camouflage pattern of undetermined design and unknown origins.


  • Very little is known about the Algerian Armed Forces during the first ten years of independence, but there is evidence suggesting that some units were actually issued Spanishrocoso pattern camouflage, probably during the 1970s or early 1980s.


  • A dark variation of the tenue de leópard or lizard pattern was issued by the Algerian Armed Forces at some point, probably in the 1990s. This design incorporates purple and very dark olive stripes on an olive green background. At this point, uniform styles followed closely the original French TAP design.


  • At some point, a desert DPM pattern similar to the original developed by the UK began seeing service with some Algerian units. Photographs have been difficult to date, but this was probably issued during the early-1990s and continues in service today.


  • Another DPM variant has been documented in service in recent years, incorporating dark green, reddish-brown & dark ochre shapes on a khaki background. This has been in service with several Army units (including special forces), as well as the Algerian Marines.


  • Several variations of woodland pattern camouflage are also worn by various Algerian units, including this version here with a lime-green base colors.


  • Two variations of a brushstroke camouflage design appear to be in service with the Algerian Armed Forces. One version (seen below, worn by an honor guard) incorporates dark olive green and russet shapes on a tan background, and may be in general service. Another variation appears to be worn strictly by Algerian Special Forces personnel, incorporating wide brushstrokes in purplish-brown & olive green on a sandy background.

Algeria6.jpg Algeria4.jpg

  • A variation of the traditional French lizard camouflage design was re-introduced at some point in recent years, and has been worn by some airborne units and possibly by conventional units as well. The colors appear darker than the original French patterns, having a slightly greyish tone similar to lizard camouflage that was produced in Yugoslavia and its later republics such as Croatia.


  • Another pattern to appear in recent years (2012) is this mottled brown design. It is presently uncertain whether this is being worn universally by the Algerian Army, or only by a specific unit.


  • The Garde Républicaine have their own camouflage pattern incorporating splinter-type shapes with a woodland palette. The shapes are often difficult to discern from a distance, making it easy to confuse this design with a variation of woodland pattern.



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