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Camouflage Clothing
- Feb 01, 2018 -

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Camouflage clothing is composed of green, yellow, tea, black and other colors to protect the camouflage irregular color 

protection patterns of clothing. The camouflage uniform requires that its reflected light waves be about the same as the light 

waves reflected by the surrounding scenery, not only confusing the enemy's eye for reconnaissance purposes but also 

countering infrared reconnaissance, making it difficult for the enemy's modern surveillance equipment to capture the target.

Camouflage clothing is a basic type of training suit. "Camouflage" is a new protection color of irregular patterns composed of 

green, yellow, tea, black and other colors. The camouflage uniform requires that its reflected light waves be about the same as 

the light waves reflected by the surrounding scenery, not only confusing the enemy's eye detection but also countering infrared 

detection, making it difficult for the modernized detection equipment of the enemy to capture the target. Camouflage clothing 

first appeared as a camouflage uniform. Hitler's army first used camouflage uniforms as the "three-colored camouflage uniform" 

at the end of the Second World War. Later, some countries headed by the United States were equipped with "four-colored 

camouflage suits."


The world is a "six-color camouflage suit." Modern camouflage clothing can also be based on different needs, with a variety of 

basic colors to change a variety of patterns.


British 80's temperature zone, hot zone combat clothing and raincoats are all camouflage colors, reflecting the characteristics of 

a multi-purpose service, reflecting the development trend of the international combat clothing.

US military: In order to improve the versatility of camouflage, specifically for its training suit developed a fabric printed on both 

sides of a variety of color printing technology, one side printed with a standard forest land pattern, the other side printed with 

three-color desert pattern. Also for its chemical protection suits developed a special camouflage pattern.

People's Liberation Army: Camouflage Training uniform divided into summer and winter in two categories (07 camouflage 

clothing), color summer forest four-color camouflage pattern, winter desert grassland color, armed forces common. For the first 

time, multi-terrain camouflage uniforms appeared on the 70th anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War parade held in September 

2015 [1].


China Taiwan Army: the development of new camouflage field camouflage, the proportion of man-made fibers to reduce the 

cotton composition increased to more than 60%, not easy to catch fire; the color on the use of black, brown, dark green and 

green four colors mixed Camouflage color. The surface after special treatment, with night infrared anti-detection function, with a 

beautiful appearance, comfortable to wear, reasonable structure, safe and practical features.


Japan's Self-Defense Forces: camouflage clothing with spring, summer and autumn common class, take the fine lines of four-

color camouflage, two hues, respectively, and the season of the plant's infrared radiation equal to the fabric to improve the 

infrared, ultraviolet and other night-time surveillance Protection, adds warmth, moisture permeability, waterproof and non-

flammable properties. Winter camouflage camouflage clothing in the fall on the surface with UV reflectivity and snow uniform 

single-layer fabric made of white blouse, which is equipped with khaki undershirts, sweaters and cotton, an increase of moisture 

absorption, warmth even at minus 30 Degree of climatic conditions can also play "waterproof warm" super-high performance, 

can play a good water, wind-proof performance.