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Body Armor And Improved Load Equipment
- Jan 07, 2019 -

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Vehicles with a detachable deck (Figure F1) and a modular tactical vest (MTV, Figure F2) showed quite different design 

philosophies. Detachable armor plate designs are used on both the front and on the rear and on both sides, but they differ 

significantly in overall weight and soft armor style. The MTV in the figure shows one enhanced SAPI armored board and an 

enhanced side SAPI armor.


Improved Load System (ILBE) is the successor to the Modular Light Load Equipment (MOLLE) Marine Corps, which includes 

a new kit and backpack system. The ILBE kit shares PALS and is fully MOLLE compliant, but it is more sophisticated than 

the previous generation and can also be used on MOLLE's FLC vest. The 10 ILBE kits have different combinations based 

on the different tasks performed by the class and the rank. Figure F3 shows a typical combination of unit commanders 

equipped with MTVs equipped with M203 grenade launchers. From left to right, the top row contains three equipment kits 

with 40mm caliber high explosive bombs and one to two (one in the figure) packages with M67 grenades; the lower row is an 

improved individual from left to right First aid kit (IFAK), a universal grenade bag (a smoking grenade in the picture), a bag 

with a "pop-up" star-shaped parachute flare, three single / double M16 rifle bags and a M16 rifle Quick Lifter package and a 

pack of used cartridge "waste" package. Other ILBE equipment kits also include a SAW (Class A) 200 Sling / Multipack with 

an internal partition that can be moved (Figure F4); a 9mm caliber cartridge (Figure F5) It uses a cover to facilitate quick 

ejection of the magazine - Figure G4 is a closed lid version of this package; a 10-gauge 12Ga. (A North American diameter 

unit of measure, 12Ga. Approx. 2.7mm, Translator's Note) Shotgun bullets package (Figure F6). The "Storm" potable water 

system in MOLLE was refurbished along with ILBE. The new 3-liter WXP-type system, shown in Figure F7, is an installation 

of an in-line personal water purification system without installing this A system of Figure F7.


The Infantry's ILBE backpack system includes a standard main package, S-ILBE (Figure F8); it comes with a built-in radio 

package (Figure F9) and an assault package (Figure F10). The latter two are both watertight and Marine Corolla-filled 

bags. This backpack system produces a larger version of the reconnaissance force, but this is beyond the scope of this book.