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Woodland Tactical Assault Vest

NATO Military Combat Tactical Vest Chest Rig Georgia Army Digital Woodland, Marpat Camouflage Tactical Assault Vest

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MARPAT (short for Marine pattern) is a multi-scale camouflage pattern in use with the United States Marine Corps, designed in 2001 and introduced between 2002 and 2004 with the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU), which replaced the Camouflage Utility Uniform. Its design and concept are based on the Canadian CADPAT pattern. The pattern is formed of small rectangular pixels of color. In theory, it is a far more effective camouflage than standard uniform patterns because it mimics the dappled textures and rough boundaries found in natural settings. It is also known as the "digital pattern" or "digi-cammies" because of its micro pattern (pixels) rather than the old macro pattern (big blobs)


NATO Military Combat Tactical Vest is made from Polyester Material. The vest is Classic military style fully adjustable military-inspired Vest featuring muti-function handy pockets like tool pocket, utility pocket for gear, ammo, documents ,supplies and more.Tactical vest contains adjustable padded shoulder straps,inside security pockets and quick-release buckles to hold different-sized gear. Multi-purpose tactical modular compatible cross-draw vest is really great for soldier daily training and other military issue.







Materials & Specification:

A. Fabric: 600D Polyester Oxford

B. Webbing: High density Polypropylene fiber

C. Buckle: Quick release PP buckle

D: Color: Digital woodland


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