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Brunei Combat Assault Vest

Digital Woodland Military Utility Tactical Combat Vest 1050D Cordura,Brunei Combat Assault Vest

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In the first utility pouch, soldiers generally store their mess tins, pellet stoves, a lighter or waterproof matches, and enough rations to last 24 hours. In the second utility pouch is the army issue canteen and cup. The canteen can hold one liter of water. The mug has two folding metal handles which give the user a cool place to hold it while drinking a warm beverage. The third utility pouch contains a minor first aid kit, for minor cuts and scrapes, but not the first field dressing. This pouch may also contain various other items such as binoculars, a red light torch, a utility knife, or a compass. Other pouches can be attached for more storage capabilities. Examples include the Bowman radio pouch for the PRC 349 or the PRR pouch for the personal role radio. These pouches are more expensive due to their limited manufacture.

Most military webbing systems incorporate a degree of modular construction with a yoke (shoulder harness), a belt and pouches specific to different loads, for example ammunition magazines may have dividers, special waterproofing, and/or tabs to help lift the magazines out. Different combinations of pouches can be used to suit the mission. In some better models the pouches are sewn directly onto a hip pad which prevents bouncing of the pouches and makes the webbing more comfortable.

Digital Woodland Military Utility Tactical Combat Vest is a garment covering the upper body widely use in Brunei army.The tactical vests own enough pockets to hold all of army equipment. Which contains many detachable external pockets for carrying tactical accessories such as magazines, guns, cell phones, ammunition, grenades, etc. Padded recoil shoulders, emergency drag handle and hanging loops for attaching pistol or duty belts. The vest has front three quick release buckles for added security and stability. This is the ideal vest for tactical operations.







The Detail Pouches:

1xCAV(Combat Assault Vest)

1xHydration Bladder

1xCanteen Pouch

1xUtility Pouch

1xUtility Belt

2xSmoke Grenade Pouch

2xFrag Grenade Pouch

3xMagazine Pouch


Materials & Specification:

A. Fabric: 1050D Cordura nylon

B. Webbing: High density Polypropylene fiber

C. Buckle: Quick release PP buckle

D. Color: Digital Woodland


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