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Saudi Arabia Military Rucksack

1050D Codura Nylon Silver Sand 90 Pattern webbing PLCE system Saudi Arabia Military Rucksack,

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Saudi Arabia Military Rucksack

The Royal Saudi Land Forces (KSA) (Arabic: القُوَّاتُ البَرِّيَّةُ المَلَكِيَّة السُّـعُودِيَّة‎), also called the Saudi Arabian army (Arabic: الجَيْشُ العَرَبيّ السُّـعُودِيَّ‎ Al-Jaysh Al-Araby al-Saudi), are the largest branch of the Saudi Arabia Armed Forces. The Chief of the Saudi General Staff until 2011 was Field Marshal Saleh Al-Muhaya.

Genuine British Style Army PLCE Military Backpack and it is used by Saudi Arabia Army. One large 90 liter main compartment. The main pack can be compressed using straps on the sides, a nice feature when you don't need to stuff it completely full. Wide, well padded, adjustable waist and shoulder straps. A pouch on the top of the flap. A small outer pocket on the lower back.

Two detachable 10 liter side pouches.














Materials & Specification:

A: Outer Fabric:1050D Cordura Nylon 2 Layers PU Coating

B: Inner Fabric: 201T Taffeta Nylon

C: Webbing: High density Nylon Fiber

D: Buckle: Quick release Nylon Buckle

E: Color: Silver Sand

F: Usage: versatile day sack system for military use

F: Body Size: 70*66*26cm

The PLCE webbing system is produced from double-layered 1000 Denier internally rubberised Cordura Nylon, a long lasting and hard wearing fabric. Olive webbing of the same material ("1000 D") is being incorporated, along with a variety of hard wearing plastic fasteners (ITW Nexus), Hook and loop fasteners (Velcro) and anti-magnetic press stud fasteners ("Pull the Dot").

Due to the introduction and constant improvement of protective equipment, such as the Osprey Body Armour (OBA), the PLCE webbing system is incompatible so Osprey Mk 4 has a MOLLE belt and under armour Yoke to allow Osprey pouches to be used as belt equipment.

After the first introduction in 1989, PLCE in its current MTP form is still Britain's core issue webbing equipment which is compatible with ECBA armour and Mk 6 and 7 helmet, with Osprey issued to non-deployed infantry, leaving Virtus issued to deployed Infantry Commando and Parachute Units

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