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Kenya Kws Military Rucksacks

The PLCE webbing Pattern 90” Kenya KWS Military Rucksacks, Rucksack with Assault Vest, Storm Camouflage 900D Polyester with Double Layer PU

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The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is a Kenyan state corporation that was established in 1989 to conserve and manage Kenya’s wildlife. It is established under an Act of Parliament Cap 376 (The Wildlife Conservation and Management (Amendment 1989) Act) with the mandate to conserve and manage wildlife in Kenya, and to enforce related laws and regulations. It manages the biodiversity of the country, protecting and conserving the flora and fauna.

KWS manages most of the National Parks and Reserves in Kenya, the most popular exception being the Maasai Mara National Reserve, which is managed by local authorities. The money collected as entrance fees in the parks is used to help the conservation of the plants and animals within the parks.

The PLCE webbing system is produced from double-layered 900 Denier internally rubberised Cordura Nylon, a long lasting and hard wearing fabric. Olive webbing of the same material ("900 D") is being incorporated, along with a variety of hard wearing plastic fasteners (ITW Nexus), Hook and loop fasteners (Velcro) and anti-magnetic press stud fasteners ("Pull the Dot").

Kenya Wild Service Forces(KWS) is A military unit which protects their wild animals from hunting or killing, and meanwhile protect the tourists as well. They use Webbing Pattern 90" military backpack to carrying necessary equipments when they are doing duty or train works. It has the same design as their DOD or AP office's PLCE.














Materials & Specification:

A: Shell Fabric:900D polyester oxford 2 Layers PU Coating 

B: Inner Fabric: 210T Polyester Taffeta

C: Webbing: High density Polypropylene Fiber(2.5/3.5/5.0CM)

D: Buckle: Quick release PP buckle

E: Color: Storm DPM Camouflage for KWS 

F: Usage: KWS Carrying Equipment

F: Body Size: 70*66*26cm


In the year 1997, the Defence Clothing & Textile Agency (DCTA) had decided, that Type 90 Pattern (Infantry) equipment was to be scaled and issued in the following capacity.

· 01. 1x Carrier, Entrenching Tool.

· 02. 2x Pouch Side, Rucksack.

· 03. 1x Carrier, Water Canteen.

· 04. 2x Pouch, Ammunition, Universal.

· 05. 1x Pouch, Utility.

· 06. 1x Haversack, Respirator.

· 07. 1x Yoke, Main.

· 08. 1x Yoke, Pouch Side, Rucksack.

· 09. 2x Strap, Pouch Side, Yoke.

· 10. 1x Belt, Waist (of appropriate size).

· 11. 2x Strap, Utility, O/D, IRR.

· 12. 1x Bayonet, Frog, DPM, IRR.

· 13. 1x Rucksack (Infantry) (of appropriate size).

· 14. 1x Bag, Insertion, Rucksack.

· 15. 2x Bag, Insertion, Pouch, Side, Rucksack.

· 16. 1x Bag, Transparent, PLCE, Rucksack.

· 17. 2x Bag, Transparent, PLCE, Pouch, Side, Rucksack.

Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) PLCE is replacing all Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) PLCE as the core issued webbing equipment for the British Armed Forces, this program started in 2015.


Assault Vest

A new standard issue piece of equipment (Waistcoat, Mans, General Purpose Ops.) that was designed for carrying essential items on a more secure platform than the original PLCE webbing system.

This consists of a typical waistcoat design, fastened with three ITW Nexus clips. Two triple ammunition pouches are situated on the left hand side of the coat, along with a utility pouch, small utility pouch and a zippered pocket with an internal holster. The right side is similar but with three large utility pouches, along with a small utility pouch and again a zippered pocket with notepad holder. All pouches open and close with ITW Nexus clips as well as having storm seals.

The vest is adjusted through four ladder lock fasteners and webbing, the shoulders are adjustable with Velcro material. The concept is to gain a secure load carrying system that fits over body Armour comfortably. There are various types of this vest depending upon the year of manufacture. The originals are as described above but newer models have loops on the left side for the bayonet frog, clips for a large hydration pouch, name patches on the left side, and a small utility pouch. Most recently, the Spanish tab fasteners are being incorporated again, instead of the ITW Nexusclips.

The standard issue assault vest, depending on the operational requirements, is available in either the Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM)camouflage pattern, or the Desert DPM (''DDPM'') camouflage pattern. Commercial variants are available in multiple colours, such as Black, Green, or the American Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) camouflage pattern.


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