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Dpm Woodland Army Rucksack

1050D Codura Nylon DPM Woodland Camouflage British Army Military Rucksacks, Military Personal Loading Carrying Equipment--P.L.C.E

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DPM Woodland Camouflage British Army Military Rucksacks

U.K Military Backpack PLCE Pattern 90" Webbing Pack DPM Camo 1050D Cordura was adopted in a lot of countries which prefer the military rucksack style from United Kingdom, furthermore it was made of 1050D High Density Cordura Nylon fabric, So its texture and quality both are pretty excellent . This style army rucksack adopts wide & thick waist belt, comfortable for heavy carry. Meanwhile, the big volume of the rucksack is enough for a warrior to take along a variety of military items.













Materials & Specification:

A: Fabric Material: 1050D Cordura Nylon

B: Inner Material: 210T Nylon Taffeta

C: Webbing: Good quality Nylon fiber

D: Color: DPM Woodland Camo

E: Main pack Size: 70*66*26cm

Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE) is one of several current tactical webbing systems of the British Armed Forces. Dependant upon the year of design, and the decade of introduction, the webbing system was designated, and is commonly referred to, as either the 85 Pattern, the 90 Pattern or the 95 Pattern webbing.

The purpose of the PLCE webbing system is to retain the means by which a British soldier may operate for 48 hours or conduct a mission-specific task. Items and components may include a variety of munitions and weapon ancillaries, a three-fold entrenching tool, a bayonet, food and water (including a means to heat water and prepare food), Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) protective clothing and communications equipment. Soldiers will also often carry other personal items such as waterproof clothing and spare socks.

Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) is the commonly used name of a camouflage pattern used by the British Armed Forces as well as many other armies worldwide, particularly in former British colonies such as Kenya.

The main variants of DPM are a four-colour woodland pattern, and desert patterns in two, three or four colours. The Woodland Pattern DPM was used with the mediumweight No.8 Temperate Combat Dress (c.1966/1968) and lightweight No.9 Tropical Combat Dress (c.1976). The later Desert Pattern DPM (c.late 1980s) was designated the No.5 Desert Combat Dress.

DPM has also been produced in black/white/grey Urban DPM, in various blue tones and even in purples (this last for the Swazi Royal Guard).

DPM has been phased out in British military service, superseded by Multi-Terrain Pattern.[2]

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