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World War II Machinery
- Dec 20, 2017 -

The most legendary sub-machine gun World War II, was Germany      MP38 / 40. The MP38 9mm submachine gun was 

manufactured in 1938 by the German Elmar Arsenal to meet the needs of the armored and paratrooperative units. In the same 

year the MP38 was named as the MP38. In 1939, the MP38 was improved and later renamed MP38 / 40. Later, in order to 

simplify the processing technology and reduce costs, but also on the MP38 / 40 made several improvements, the improvement 

were called MP40 / Ⅰ, MP40 / Ⅱ-type and other series submachine gun. Between 1940 and 1944, a total of 1,037,400 MP40 

submachine guns were produced. In all fairness, the MP40's range is not as good as the Soviet Bobosha, lethality than the 

United States Thompson, as simple as British Secretary Gordon, reliable performance as Finland's Somi, but the indicators are 

more average, there is no obvious weakness. MP40 assault rifle exaggerated fame, probably from the myth of the invincible 

German early World War II.


In 1938, the German Defense Forces adopted the design of Vermeer, stereotyped as MP38, produced about thousands of 

pieces, just in time for the Battle of Poland. Two years later, the improved MP40 simplifies the production process and solves 

the problem of the MP38 getting out of fire. Like many other German weapons, the MP38 / 40 is epoch-making, as it is the first 

submachine gun designed for mass production.

The metal components of the MP38 / 40 are mainly stamped out of steel, using simple folding buttstocks and traditional wooden 

components replaced by plastic. This design concept affects the M3 in the United States, Bobosha in the USSR, and Sidon in 

the UK. A total of 1.2 million MP38 / 40 submachine guns were produced. Because of the limited number, they started to equip 

major combat vehicles, paratroopers, and later junior and mid-level infantry officers. Ordinary soldiers continued to use 98K 

rifles until the end of the war.


Compared with the United States Thompson and M3 submachine gun, MP40 submachine gun near range lethal less, but lower 

recoil, so the accuracy is higher. The indicators of the submarine rifle are similar with the MP40, but the reliability of the division 

is too poor. MP40 is worth mentioning the shortcomings of the main magazine is less reliable, easy to lose elasticity in low 

temperature environment, resulting in bullets stuck; the other lack of a front of the insulated hand guard, a long shot after the 

soldier's left hand will be burned. In general, the German soldiers on the MP40 is still quite satisfied, but it seems too tight. 

However, on the eastern front, as long as there is a chance for the German soldiers to engage in a Soviet Popovar submachine 

gun, many people even discarded their own MP40. It seems that the MP40 is undoubtedly losing to Poposu on the battlefield. 

MP40 / type is MP-40 / type of further improvements: the transmitter frame and the receiver cover together as a whole; the 

use of fixed firing pin; multi-unit recoil spring instead of the telescopic recoil spring; in order to increase The capacity of a bomb, 

with a double magazine cartridge will be two standard MP-40 submachine gun 32 rounds of the magazine together, and in the 

barrel between the casing and the bottom of the shield slotted so double-bomb The cartridge can slide along the bottom slot of 

the shield. Two square magazine cassette shoots are located behind the magazine compartment. There are two indicator 

locators in front of the magazine magazine. When the magazine on the left one runs out, the magazine magazine is pushed to 

the left. At this time, the magazine on the right Under the action of the locator, it is located at the feeding port.

Performance data:

Caliber: 9mm

Ammunition: 9 × 19mm Parabeum Bullet

Automatic way: free gun type

Launch mode: bursts

Muzzle muzzle velocity: 381m / s

Measuring range: 200m

Theoretical speed of fire: 500 rounds / min

Projectile mode: magazine

Magazine capacity: 32 rounds

The gun length: gunstock open 833mm; gunstock folding 630mm

Barrel length: 251mm

Rifle: 6, right-handed

Full gun quality (excluding magazine): MP38 type 4.086kg; MP40 type 4.027kg

Full gun quality (including magazine): MP38 type 4.756kg; MP40 type 4.697kg

Actual magazine quality: 670g

Aiming device: a sheet of sight; U-shaped according to the door


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