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Why I Chose To Serve
- Mar 02, 2018 -

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Men and women are drawn from all walks of life to answer the call of military service. It’s an urge to help those who are less fortunate, provide help in times of need or protect our nation.

I joined the military because I wanted to protect my country. During that mission, I was given an ethos to live by, and the United States Marine Corps made me the person I am today. I still remember earning my Eagle, Globe and Anchor like it was yesterday.

It was a dark and humid morning. The sun was just beginning to rise at 0530 as we made our way back to the parade deck after a long and exerting Crucible. We were exhausted, beaten and battered.


Our drill instructors moved through our ranks presenting each member with the coveted EGA. We had been forged into Marines.

Each Marine standing there that morning had a reason to serve.  Every Marine and every servicemember that has defended our nation has a story about why they volunteered.

Below a handful of Marines tell us why they served and continue to serve and why they chose the Marine Corps.

“I simply chose to join to serve our nation as so many have before us. I literally felt it was my responsibility. The Marine Corps history, being able to do more with less and providing aid all over the world with 24 hours, was my deciding point over other branches.“ — Gunnery Sgt. Shamus Flynn, U.S. Marine Corps

“Being a Marine means being the tip of the spear, the best. This country has given me so much, I wanted to give something back. I wanted to give them my best.” –Cpl. Cameron Monahan, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


“I joined because I wanted to serve my country. As a corpsman, I have an opportunity to save Marines; I get save my brothers.” –Petty Officer 3rd Class Cameron Fields, U.S. Navy Corpsman (Green Side)

“I had always been in awe of the Marine Corps and what it stood for. The Marine Corps is the last culture with a warriors ethos; to be a leader within that culture I hold the highest regard.” –2nd. Lt. Nick Smith, U.S. Marine Corps

“I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps. I also wanted to be the first person in my family to voluntarily serve my country. The Marine Corps continually tests me and forces me to improve myself, which is a value that is irreplaceable in my mind.” –Staff Sgt. Jacob Hanson, U.S. Marine Corps


“I wanted to earn my keep. I earned my choices, positive or negative. No one can take that away.” –Sgt. Andrew Sanford, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

“I grew up in a gang neighborhood and I was always getting in trouble. When I turned 18 I wasn’t really doing anything, I didn’t have a sense of purpose. When I joined the Marines, I gained a new outlook on life. I found the toughest men the world has ever seen. I found my brothers. The Marine Corps prepared me to be a leader.  I no longer have to worry about finding my purpose; I have no doubt what my purpose is.” –Cpl. Alonso Nevarez, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

By: William McCoy

William, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, is a husband, father and currently the Sales Manager at the 5.11 Ready Room corporate retail location.


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