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Why Did The Germans Defeat The World War II? Soviet Military Linen Production Of Military Backpacks, The Germans Are Using Cowhide
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Military backpacks are essential equipment for every soldier who has traveled in the war, and every military force in the World War II has a different army backpack. But the World War II Soviet Army backpack can be said to be the most distinctive of all countries, in the World War II film and television materials can often see the Soviet soldiers behind the scenes of fierce combat. In fact, the appearance of this simple backpack history is very long, can be traced back to the Russian army before the war.

The backpack of the Soviet army of World War II

The Soviet Union or Russia's weapons have always been designed for simple and practical purposes, sometimes simply to describe them rudely. This deep-rooted plot is the same with the design of the backpack, the Soviet army is huge, and early Soviet economic conditions are not very optimistic. So although the backpack is a small thing, but to equip such a large quantity is also a very headache thing. Since the economic situation is not optimistic, the leather supplies are naturally useless. Soviet military personnel after careful consideration decided to direct the Russian army equipped with the M1910-style backpack to use, by the way to make changes, became their own M1930-style military backpack.

Soviet Army of the World War II

The Soviet Army this backpack can be said how to save money how to come! Materials used cheap linen, a piece of cloth sewn into one, without any extra decoration. Not like the extravagant imperialist armies that use leather. The strap is one, avoids the superfluous cutting process. The military backpack has to have a zipper! There's no zipper. The worst thing to do is to have a tight-drawn rope, right? No! That much trouble, still have to let the workers comrade multi-channel process, directly to the soldiers a hemp rope, openings directly with hemp rope tied! is also in the world's pioneering! The Soviet soldiers, carrying a backpack that looked alien to the modern soldier's image, from the Battle of Moscow to Stalingrad, to attack Berlin, won the patriotic War.

World War II German costume

When we look at the Soviet soldiers ' backpacks, we can see how shabby the Russian soldier's backpack is. The World War II German Army used a variety of backpacks, different services have their own backpacks, and even different services have their own special backpack. These kinds of miscellaneous backpacks rarely used cloth system, all of the use of leather as the main material, many soldiers are refined leather bags and even horse skin! Imperialism is a luxury! Tens of thousands of troops use such expensive equipment, no wonder it will be defeated! It is estimated that Germany's waste of money can be equipped with several divisions of the tank! The Soviets defeated them, even though they were poorly equipped.

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