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What Kind Of Backpack Can Go Through War?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Durability and diversity, and even protect the lives of soldiers.

Back to the history, in order to deal with the all-weather characteristics of war, military backpacks in addition to the use of excellent wear-resistant, waterproof characteristics of fabric production package, but also should respond to special needs, with our conventional knowledge of the backpack does not have the characteristics-such as disassembly, combination and so on. It is worth mentioning that the color of the backpack, but also with the soldier's uniform style, to camouflage or the earth color, for the long journey, the soldiers in the struggle to facilitate the time, but also more conducive to hide themselves, to avoid life risk.

Military backpack materials must be the same as the durability of the uniform, in order to allow soldiers in the implementation of the mission more safe and comfortable, can be described as "human package in one"

Decades ago, the Japanese "military capsule", military backpack "removable" concept has long been applied

The durability and function of military backpack is irreplaceable, but its shape is not suitable for daily collocation.