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What Is Plce
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Personal load equipment (PLCE) is a common tactical outfit for the British Army. It consists of a belt, a Y band, and some small packets. Plce accessories include some similar loading kits and backpacks. The purpose of the PLCE is to maintain the various equipment required by a soldier for 48 hours of continuous operation. This includes: ammunition, weapons spare parts, digging tools, bayonets, food and water (it is possible to do some hot food), as well as biochemical equipment and communications equipment. Usually soldiers can bring other items, like raincoats and spare socks.

The system was also used by other countries, and the Danish army converted it into the use of M84 camouflage, the Irish Army converted into military-green equipment. The Irish Army currently uses the integrated protection and equipment load system (IPLCS) of Irish camouflage to replace the original British 90 series Plce. Similar system equipment is being used in many countries.