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What Are The Types Of Tactical Vests
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Tactical vest is a kind of equipment can be most of the individual combat equipment to wear on the body, in order to facilitate the fighting and quickly access the equipment of the individual combat equipment. Different combat situations may need to carry the equipment combination is not the same, so we have to choose according to the actual situation assault Tactical Vest. So what are the types of tactical vests?


Attack: In the action will usually carry large prepared ammunition, grenades (fragments, smoke, shock, flash bombs, etc.), tools (broken, down, blasting, etc.), radio, short shot, , CQB or CT tasks. The above equipment requirements can be easily carried in the operation and quickly access to meet the instantaneous situation, to achieve the best attack. This type of military tactical vest also the majority of survival gamers most commonly used tactical vest, generally divided into two major categories of military and police. Also called army Tactical Vest.


Sniper: General police or military special unit sniper military Cest Rig, and sometimes may perform long-range sniper missions, such as fire fighters described in the two snipers. Need to carry a certain amount of ammunition (with the possibility of the enemy), record this, long-range camcorder (for surveillance and video), video communication equipment (video can be recorded to the command post), dry food, Water, first aid supplies and so on. In addition, the implementation of long-range reconnaissance mission of the special forces will also carry small GPS, satellite communications equipment and other special equipment.


Health care: In the implementation of the task, the general medical staff can not effectively save the wounded immediately, the team needs one or more emergency medical training team members. The immediate medical care for the injured, stable injury until the general health care workers can be properly first aid. Carrying items mainly for the individual to carry out the tasks required for weapons, equipment and a large number of first aid supplies.


Anti riot: the special ammunition required swat vest for the storm is usually greater than the caliber of the general ammunition, such as tear gas, etc., used to disperse the mobs. In addition to the need to carry fire extinguishers to prevent the attack of gasoline bombs, tape or belt, handcuffs substitutes. Some of the above items for the real action in the special units used by the equipment, the use of survival in the game is less likely.


In actual combat, not the more powerful tactical vest the better, you need according to the then combat situation to choose the appropriate tactical vest!

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