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What About Military Molle Pack
- Nov 08, 2017 -

MOLLE is a complete modular carrying system consisting of a carrying vest with a backpack handle, a main backpack with a sundries accessory bag and a sleeping bag pocket attached to the outer frame. At the same time, MOLLE also has a patrol package, this patrol package can be used alone or in conjunction with the main backpack to increase carrying capacity. Military Molle Pack can be assembled into a variety of different combinations to meet the different tasks required loading. Carry vests can often wear and carry magazine and grenade through the attached pocket. The attachment on the vest is specially designed and the outer frame of the main backpack is attached to the waistband of the vest to transfer the shoulder and back burden to the buttocks as the power of the buttocks can help carry more with less physical exertion article.


Nylon mesh vests have removable pockets to provide different carrying needs, which is an integral part of the MOLLE system. Different versions of carrying vest were designed for each member of a group, the composition of the members include the rifleman, pistol, automatic weapons, gunslinger and paramedics.


With new suspension system, Molle Assault Pack has also developed its carrying capacity. Strapless padded straps and belts can be adjusted to the length of the torso instead of just two in the same size as ALICE. More weight is spread to the shoulders and buttocks, and after some distance running, the soldiers can adjust the weight distribution according to their own feelings so as to achieve a more comfortable state of personal feel.

Based on feedback from the battlefield users on the first release of the MOLLE system, the MOLLE system was modified to eliminate the quick-release frame of the overall camouflage vest. Modifications also allow developers to replace traditional "probe and slot" structures with quick-release structures that make it difficult for many Army soldiers and marines in order to make better use of traditional belt-mounted belts. .


In Afghanistan, the troops noticed that when the MOLLE bag was full, the zipper would suddenly open. Another disadvantage is that the shoulder strap is slightly shorter in length and can not be easily adjusted through bullet-proof armor such as PASGT or interceptor. MOLLE has been improved to provide a zipper with a locking function and a long shoulder strap.


The Marine Corps continued to be dissatisfied with the improved MOLLE system and replaced the MOLLE system with the older ALICE system (Multipurpose Lightweight Personal Carrier System) with the Modified Carrier Carrying Unit (ILBE).