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US Army Weapons And Equipment
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1: M16A2 M16A4 M4A1: As the M16A2 and M16A4 used by the U.S. military and the M4 carbine are familiar to everyone and 

are not explained in detail, the U.S. soldiers are willing to demand the M4A1 and the M16 rifle is indeed too long. The soldiers 

are having trouble operating in the narrow space of the city. The car was also inconvenient and was particularly inflexible 

against enemy fires, especially in buildings. If the U.S. soldiers encountered anti-U.S. armed attacks in Humvee vehicles, the 

M16 rifle could not ensure that the soldiers returned fire in time, although the M4 / M4A1 already had Enough accurate, but the 

Marine Corps decided to choose M16A4 farther range. Despite its many advantages, the M4A1's short barrel delivers low 

muzzle velocity, reduces the effective range of a bullet, and lacks lethality. It is inevitable that the U.S. Army soldiers are heavily 

equipped with the M4A1 on the Iraqi battlefield while the Marines still use the M16A4. However, when PEO Soldier, in 

conjunction with the AMC and RDECOM formed a team to investigate the 101 and 82 and the Third Infantry Division, The 

soldiers were very satisfied with the performance of the M4A1 and were excellent in demanding conditions, especially with the 

rail system and sighting device. My personal feeling M4A1 shape quite cool!


(1) SOPMOD M4A1 Modular Systems and Components:


The SOPMOD M4A1 project is a modular system introduced by Knight Armory USA that uses Picatinny rails and mounts it on an 

M4 carbine to increase the flexibility and adaptability of the weapon without affecting the accuracy of the original weapon , 

Thermal performance has also been improved. SOPMOD means "special operations improved". The SOPMOD M4 is not just a 

carbine, but a M4A1-based modular assault rifle system. The main modules include a M1913 standard rail with four sections of 

upper, lower, left, right, Ni rail) RIS care wood, quick-release muffler, grenade launchers and mounted on the rails of various 

types of sight, lasers, tactical lights and other accessories.


(2) Picatinny Rail: It is also a standard military rail for the US military M1913 and is also a military standard for NATO tactical 

rails. Guns that use this rail can be used independently or in conjunction with various sight glasses, tactical lights, laser 

pointers, grenades Launchers and other components, thereby enhancing the operational effectiveness of weapons, Picatinny 

rail versatility, the Iraqi military soldier in the rifle bundled with a variety of tactical components, although the US soldiers 

basically satisfied with the rail system, but through the US soldiers The arms of the bundled components above the ropes, 

rubber bands can also be seen that the American soldiers Picatinny rail is "want to say love you is not an easy task."


(3) sight:


ACOG Sight: This sight is manufactured by Trijicon, a company specialized in optical instruments. ACOG's shell is made of 

aviation aluminum, which is rugged, waterproof, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant and able to maintain the accuracy of sight 

while maintaining the pressure and impact of depth and field use. The sight of the R & D began as early as 1987, when it was 

approved as part of the U.S. "Advanced Combat Rifle" ACR development program. Now that the US "Advanced Combat Rifle" 

ACR program has been settled, the M16A4 becomes the selected gun, and the ACOG also enters the military with the M16A4. 

The ACOG allowed the riflemen to shoot accurately at a distance of 800 meters, almost reaching the level of a sniper. Unlike 

the sniper sights used, the ACOG allows the rifleman to open both eyes while shooting. In this way, the rifleman can accurately 

detect the situation while still maintaining the perception of the battlefield situation, which has strong practical significance. 

ACOG not only helps soldiers to shoot accurately at long distances, but also works well at close ranges of over 50 meters. 

Some soldiers even use this sight as an observation tool, and it does not require a battery.


CCO melee sight: also known as the M68 reflective sight, according to "Iraqi Freedom" soldiers plan executive office survey 

reported that soldiers also appreciate this equipment. Most people said the new design and battery are more than the original 

CCO has made significant progress. The negative opinion is that honeycomb-shaped reflectors are difficult to clean and hard to 

keep at rest.


(4) PEQ2 infrared laser pointer: PEQ-2 infrared laser rangefinder up to 600m, with infrared laser pointer and then with glimmer 

of night vision goggles have a huge advantage at night, at night you can see the infrared indicator issued Light, aimed at the 

target, can achieve the effect of shooting instructions. As such, U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq can see and accurately hit the 

enemy at night. Anti-U.S. armed forces, however, can not find a U.S. military due to their lagging armament.


(5) M203 Grenade Launcher: This is the most equipped grenade launcher in the United States. It launches a 40mm grenade 

and has a maximum range of 400 meters. The maximum effective range of the opposite and point targets is 350 meters and 150 

meters respectively. The launcher can launch a series of 40 mm grenades, including high-speed grenades, armor-piercing 

ammunition, tear gas canisters, smoke bombs, signal flares, exercise bombs and flares.


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