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US Army Military Equipment
- Jan 02, 2018 -

Due to its frequent involvement in the war on terror, the cost of the U.S. military manned equipment has more than tripled since 

2000. The cost of equipment (including night-vision equipment) for an American soldier was about $ 7,083 in 2000 and has now 

jumped to nearly $ 26,000.


The United States soldier equipment now covers four aspects of personal protection, survival protection, weapons and 

equipment, night vision equipment. Taking a US Army rifle hand load as an example, in addition to solitary weapons, he 

generally wore three anti-nuclear, chemical and biological protective clothing, gloves and masks, as well as the standard 

configuration of bullet-proof vests, man-made telescopes / sights, He was forced to shoulder a sling carrying equipment, the 

back frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is equipped with bullets, water bottles, GPS, handheld computers, reconnaissance 

equipment, biological and chemical weapons detector, medical emergency kit, etc. There are spare underwear underwear. 

Count down a soldier back hanging variety of equipment no less than 100, with "armed to the teeth" are indescribable.


According to the current 1996 version of the U.S. armed force carrying manpower alone, the U.S. single-unit load doubled over 

that of World War II. Many of the U.S. military's single-armed equipment has multiple functions. The Kevlar helmet worn by the 

U.S. military is not only to resist bullets, shrapnel attacks, but also become the "second brain" of soldiers. At present, the U.S. 

military corpsmen in Iraq wear helmets to accommodate the next miniature radio, a microphone and a pair of earphones, so that 

the soldiers can contact their comradents and commanders. The radar device on the top of the helmet will report the exact 

location of the soldier. The military boots worn by the United States soldier's boots are also trivial. The desert combat boots 

provided by the U.S. military in Iraq contain 15 new inventions and new technologies. They not only strongly absorb sweat and 

breathable, but even the array of iron nails set up by Iraq in the anti-US armed struggle This pair of desert desert combat boots 

can not. Even the Johnson & Johnson Company's panty liners produced for the U.S. military have great utility. As the gravel in 

the Iraqi desert is as fine as talcum powder, US troops stationed in Iraq with panties over the muzzle can prevent these tiny 

gravel from clogging the barrel.


In addition, the U.S. soldiers entering the information age were all covered with various sensors. Motorola provided a miniature 

computer to US soldiers, actually wearing a mouse on the military uniform belt. In this way, technologies such as computers and 

communications will become the most common weapon soldiers wear on the waist, back, shoulders and head. These equipment 

directly link the soldier to the superior command and communication system.    

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