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U.S. Army Equipment
- Jan 05, 2018 -

M249 Class Machine Gun: The M249 is a light-duty small-caliber squad gun equipped most by the United States. With the 

5.56X45M855 bullet, in the Iraq war to Afghanistan, the M249 can be seen in the hands of the U.S. soldiers on the battlefield. It 

can effectively provide fire support to the U.S. military. Good precision and lethality. Judging from the reactions of the U.S. 

soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, most of the soldiers expressed their great satisfaction and confidence in it. However, 54% of 

the U.S. soldiers using the M249 in Afghanistan surveyed said that the M249 was too clean, maintenance was too cumbersome 

and there was a situation where the bomb was not fastened enough to drop itself. M249 is the product of Belgian FN Company. 

At that time, the test type number was XM249. During the selection test, the XM249 underwent extensive and harsh tests. The 

XM249 performed very well by the U.S. military and did not find it necessary Two-phase practical operation test. When the 

Marine Corps selected their own operators to perform the most thorough field-goal test at Aberdeen, the XM249 met their 

requirements. In 1982, the U.S. military decided to adopt XM249 and formally named M249. The M249 was later modified to suit 

its own needs. Compared to the original M249, the PIP M249 increased its weight by about 590g with an overall weight of 

7.465kg and a full body weight of 10.5kg after loading. A spokesman for FN said the PIP M249 receiver has a lifespan of 

100,000. A spokesman for the U.S. military said that the PIP M249 machine gun can fire 50000 rounds without changing all the 

parts and the average barrel life is 34000 rounds. Paratrooper guns with a barrel length of 347mm have also been introduced 

and are widely used in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the paratrooper short barrel reduced the lethality of the bullets, it was 

welcomed by the U.S. soldiers because of its ease of use and compactness.


240B and M240G machine guns: these two models are also the products of the Belgian FN company, but also the US military in 

order to replace the M60 machine gun replacement products, the two basically the same appearance, M240B is the Army's 

name, and the Marine Corps named M240G, they The difference is that the Army's protective wood with heat shield, while the 

Marine Corps did not, M240 caliber: 7,62 × 51mm NATO, length: 1260 mm, the effective range of 1,800 meters, the maximum 

range of 3725 meters. The M240 US Army and Marine Corps have shown great satisfaction with this weapon, which can rapidly 

and effectively suppress local firepower on the battlefield and circulate on the Internet many anti-US militants hit by M240 in Iraq 

Pictures, scenes appalling, creepy.



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