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The U.S. Marine Corps Is Equipped With The New M27 Rifle
- Dec 14, 2017 -

The United States Marine Corps recently formally equipped with a new type of M27 automatic infantry weapons. The gun for the 

German HK company's products, mainly used to partially replace the Marine Corps equipment M249 light machine gun. The 

quality of the gun lighter than the M249 easy to carry, shooting accuracy to be higher. Some netizens said the gun was a heavy 

barrel version of HK416. This time, the U.S. armed with about 2,000 M27 rifles.


The M249 light machine gun was used in the United States Marine Corps as a suppressant weapon. After some local wars in 

recent years, some soldiers reported that the weight of the M249 was too large and reached 10 kg when equipped with 100 

rounds of bullets. The M27's full capacity of about 5.27 kg lighter than M249 nearly half.

The United States Marine Corps approved the mass production and deployment of M27 infantry automatic rifles in the summer 

of 2011. Each 4-man combat team is equipped with 1 support and each class is equipped with 3 supportive guns, each of which 

is equipped with 28 support units. The entire Marine Corps Pack more than 4000 guns.

The M27 infantry automatic rifle is light and weighs approximately 5.27 kg, including accessories. The gun is a modified gun 

from the Hochler-Koch company HK416 and is widely used in the U.S. military, law enforcement, special operations forces and 

worldwide. The gun will replace the heavy M249 class with automatic weapons, firing NATO 5.56 mm rounds.

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