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Tactical Gift Guide For Him
- Jan 19, 2018 -

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The powers-that-be have asked us to write a few things for a gift guide. When we submitted our first draft, they wanted us to 

focus more on 5.11 products and not video games and new rifle parts. So, here in the Social Media Bunker we put together a 

few 5.11 things we think make great gifts. Maybe, we’ll sneak in one of those 5.11 JP rifles or a full SOCOM Zev conversion of 

our Glock 17. Wait, our editor is shaking her head, no. Ok, here we go, 2015 5.11 Tactical Gift Guide.

For Him – APEX Pants

This pant is the result of a “secret” agency who wanted a pant with tactical features but with out all the signs of being a pant 

worn by some high speed pipe hitter. With a quick glance you might miss the low profile cargo pockets and you definitely 

wouldn’t notice the hidden flex cuff pockets and stash pockets for small items like hand cuff keys or small E&E kits. The fabric is 

one of the great features of this pant because it takes our patented FlexTac material and weaves it into a non-assuming canvas 

like fabric as opposed to the traditional rip-stop pattern we use. If these pants are hard to get or are sold out since you waited 

until Dec 22nd to shop you could always go with the pant that is the standard on which all other tactical pants are measured, 

the Stryke Pant.

For Him – Pursuit Advance 6″ Boot

Not every day do we want to look like we are storming the castle walls, however we want the same functionality in case things 

start to go wrong. The Pursuit Advance Boot is built upon the idea of a classic hiking boot but has features like a 8mm heel-to-

toe drop for increased balance and snap. To add just the right amount of stiffness there is a nylon shank built into the footbed 

of the shoe for climbing performance and long days spent shlepping that 60lb pack in the backwoods. Besides being born from 

the outdoors we made sure that all the features, including the lugs on the sole, would work great for under cover duty or 

defense contract work.

For Him – Covert Flex Shirt

We choose all the plaid patterns for our Covert shirts based on how well they hide your firearm. We use faux sewn in buttons to 

hide break away snaps that would allow quick and easy access to your firearm. Our hidden document pocket is a great way to 

keep important documents close. The performance fabric has mechanical stretch allowing ease of movement. This shirt is great 

for the CCW permit holder or those who need to blend in with the crowd while on duty.