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Tactical Gift Guide For Her
- Jan 22, 2018 -

China FashionOutdoor are one of the leading supplier of military items in China and has been in this 

field for more than 15 years. Our advantages are military backpack ,tactical vest etc . If you want to know more information 

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For Her – Cirrus Pant

Our fits for women are unmatched when it comes to tactical pants. We set out to create the ultimate pant for the woman who 

wanted the exact performance capabilities as our mens pants but tailored to fit a woman. We first introduced the Women’s 

Stryke pant and then later released the Cirrus pant which is more casual looking but still has all those features (FlexTac fabric, 

mechanical stretch, Teflon finish) you expect in a 5.11 product. Great for days on the range, duty or just playing out doors.

For Her – Recon Trainer

We originally wanted to create a great athletic shoe for the needs of Crossfit but instead we got a workout shoe that can handle 

any type of workout you throw at it. From those hardcore adventure type races to long days spent in the gym/box the Recon 

Trainer is built to take it all. Oh, and it comes in cute colors. Yes, we said the word “cute”, maybe we should say “tacticute”. We 

just invented that word, right here; amazing.

For Her – Lucy Tote

This is one purse we will hold for our lady as she enters the store and we wait outside. This unique tote has a hidden pocket for 

a concealed firearm and if she decides to use it on duty during a plain clothes shift, there are hidden and quick access pockets 

for credentials, flex cuffs and more. There are also numerous interior pockets to keep other contents organized with easy 


Now that we covered items for him and her lets talk about the items WE wouldn’t mind getting. We’ll keep it short so you can get 

back to watching training videos with Greg Thompson from SOCP.

TMT PLX Pen light – great for EDC and fits nicely in your front pocket. Oh yeah it’s bright for it’s size.

Prefense Lance Pen – Designed by improvised weapons expert Steve Tarani. This pen is mightier than the sword (did you just see what we did right there?)

2 Banger Bag – We love this little bag cause it makes a great go-bag and fits 2 AR mags as well as a concealed pistol. This bag 

can be made for what ever your mission might require even if that mission includes a few diapers and a change of baby clothes.

Ignitor Pack – When the boss isn’t looking we sneak out into the woods for a few days. Since we made the Ignitor we’ve been 

sneaking out a bit more often. Great for 2-3 day backpacking trips or scouting before hunts. We figure since Kyle takes itinto 

the backcountry out  it should meet our needs just fine.

There you have it, a quick buyers guide for 5.11 Tactical. We didn’t even talk about Zevtech or the new Daniel Defense DD5V1

see, we can do our job. For more gift ideas visit our official gift guide. Have a great holiday season and be safe.

Tactical Gift Guide For Him and Her


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