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Structure Of Naval Infantry Force
- Jun 14, 2018 -

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After reorganization, the Marine forces were deployed under a new strategic operational concept with specific functions, including in the Navy to the following Marine Corps units:

  • Two Amphibious Reaction Forces—deployed along the country's coastline, comprising two Amphibious Infantry Battalions, Artillery Battalions, Amphibious Commando Battalions, Boat and Vehicle Battalions and Amphibious and Services Battalions.

  • Thirty naval infantry battalions are organized as follows:

    • 28 are organized into eight regional brigades (three on the Gulf coast: 1st, 3rd, and 5th each with four battalions, four on the Pacific coast:2nd with one battalion, 4th with five battalions, 6th and 8th with four battalions, and one (the 7th) in Mexico City with two battalions),

    • one presidential guard battalion (24 Batallón de Infantería de Marina de Guardias Presidenciales),

    • one paratrooper battalion (BIMFUSPAR: El Batallón de Infantería de Marina de Fusileros Paracaidistas),

  • two small commando battalions: Batallón De Comandos Del Golfo (BATCOGO) and Batallón de Comandos Del Pacífico (BATCOPA),

  • Three Special Forces groups FESGO (Fuerzas Especiales del Golfo), FESPA (Fuerzas Especiales del Pacifico), FESCEN (Fuerzas Especiales del Centro)

  • 24 Marine (National Service) Battalions for National Service personnel, raised recently

There are two Marine Amphibious Groups (the Gulf and Pacific), which have replaced the two Reaction Amphibious Forces, whose mission is the defense of national coastlines against any conventional aggression. Each has a total manpower of 3,000 men. Both are composed of two amphibious battalions of Marines, a battalion of Marines Commandos, a Marine Artillery Battalion, a Boat and Amphibious Vehicles battalion, which includes 12 armored APC-70, and a Service Battalion.

The 24th Marine Battalion "Presidential Guards", created in 1983, is responsible for providing security to the President. It is quartered in the Mexico City, like the BIMFUSPAR (Marine Parachute Fusilier Battalion).

Finally there are 3 Marine Special Forces Groups (Strength, Spirit and Wisdom is their motto). The FESGO (Special Forces Gulf) and the FESPA (Special Forces Pacific), both destined for missions in support of the then new Amphibious Forces Reaction In 2008, formed the FESCEN (Special Forces Center), based in Mexico City, whose purpose is to provide the High Command Headquarters a grouping of special forces mission critical. While FESGO and FESPA have an effective of 220 marines each, the FESCEN has less than 160 personnel.

BIMFUSPAR: The Marines Battalion Parachute Rifle is an elite force, which is the strategic reserve of the high command of the Mexican Navy for high impact operations and emergency. The organizational and operational needs motivated the creation of BIMFUSPAR in 1992. The new unit was championed by then-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, on June 1, 1994. The Battalion is divided into three marine paratrooper rifle companies, a weapon support company and a command group. The Company headquarters and services is integrated into the grouping of services 7th Marine Brigade, which belongs since 2010.

Each marine battalion has three marine infantry companies, a company of support weapons (mortars, rocket launchers and machine guns) and services. Each company has three sections, each of three platoons, which are themselves composed of thirteen elements in three squads of four men under the command of a third or second master. The squads are formed by a corporal squad leader, a rifleman grenadier armed with M16A2 and M203 40mm grenade launcher, a submachine gunner with a Colt RO 750 LSW 5.56 mm. and a rifleman with a standard M16A2. The organization of a platoon at three squads, a section in three platoons and a company into three sections responds to the need in any case with the three decisive factors in combat: assault element, the support and security.


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