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Sniper Team Work
- Dec 22, 2017 -

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B1: Sniper Team, Germany 8th Infantry Battalion, Alsace, Spring 1915

The 1914 General Dynamics naturally diluted the special qualities of peacetime barracks, when they recruited forestry workers 

with long shooting traditions and other people from the countryside. However, in early 1915, their old prestige still reverberated 

on the battlefield. The 8th Battalion, a Rhineland force belonging to the 15th Regiment and operating in Alsace, won the 

Hartmanswillerkopf (Hartsmanwillerkopf, Hart Mansweiler is a place name in Alsace. During a peaceful breakout period, the 

cousin and his watchman virtually controlled the no man's land - the German sniper ranged far from any firepower threat on the 

part of the enemy. The sniper uses a 7.62-millimeter Mauser rifle for commercial purposes and a 4x scope on the rifle. Watchers 

are equipped with 6x30x telescopes for short and mid-range (500m) observations, but are far less viewable and sharp than the 

British telescopes. Both men wore the 1907/10 version of the iconic gray-green combator with dark green piping. A sniper threw 

his flat-topped barrel cap and binocular case with a canvas cap over the trench wall (obviously, the towering cap was worn on 

the hat as required by September); a cotton-backed ammo-back The bag hangs on the tidy trenches of the German Chaimu 



B2: German infantry sniper, France, 1918


The actual time of this scene is before dawn. The sniper, equipped with a 98-style sniper rifle equipped with a 3x Zeiss 

telescope, used one of many elaborate camouflage spots on the front - a canvas "Dead Horse" With a metal frame, the interior 

is filled with straw, which is placed in real dead horses for better camouflage. Under the cover of darkness, snipers hiding in 

Dead Horse carry only a small amount of food and water and a dozen Sm.K armor-piercing bullets, and he will not be out of this 

hiding until sunset. He did not use camouflage clothing, wear standard M1915-style blouse and M1916 helmet; his position is 

almost impossible to be identified unless given up because of their carelessness. It is unlikely that a fire from a "cavity" in a 

"horse" will be exposed as a result of a glowing or smoking barrel; he may only fire carefully four to five times in a day, with 

caution Harmful.