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Republic Of Slovenia
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Republic of Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia (Republika Slovenija) declared its independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in December of 1990. Following a brief military conflict with Yugoslavian forces, the Ten Day War, autonomy was achieved.

Slovenian Camouflage Patterns

  • The Slovenian M91 oakleaf pattern has been in service since 1991. The pattern is based on the Yugoslav M87 small oak leaf pattern, but uses different colours. This design is printed on both a heavier sateen cotton blend fabric, and a lighter weight ripstop fabric.

Slovenia1.jpg Slovenia4.jpg

  • A desert variation of the standard M91 oakleaf pattern has been in service since 2005. The design utilizes the shame drawings but with a varied colorway more appropriate to desert/arid environments. There are in fact two slightly different color variations of the desert pattern. The colors of Type 1 are russet brown, khaki and olive green on a sand-colored background, while the Type 2 variant replaces the khaki color with a light olive green. Although there are also two types of fabric produced in this pattern (a heavier sateen and a lighter-weight ripstop), the color variants do not appear to be limited to one particular type of fabric.

Slovenia5.jpg Slovenia2.jpg

  • Slovenia released its own variant of Multicam (called "SLOCAM" by some) using a different combination of colors circa 2012-13. The pattern was initially distributed to Slovenian special operations some peacekeeping troops, but is now in general service and has replaced the older M91 oakleaf design.


Other Patterns Worn by Slovenia

  • For a brief period running from 1990 to 1992, surplus Bulgarian Army Mk 3 splinter pattern camouflage winter uniforms were worn by Slovenian forces.


  • Members of the 1st Special Brigade (Moris) wore US m81 woodland camouflage uniforms (and possibly Croatian woodland uniforms as well) from 1991-92.


  • The Slovenian contingent to Afghanistan in 2004 wore US supplied tricolor desert pattern camouflage uniforms for a single rotation.



  • Comparision of the Slovenian M91 oak leaf pattern (right) with the Yugoslav M89 (an enlarged version of the YugoslavM87 pattern)