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Quiet Warrior: Detective Ryan Brady – How A Detective’s Mentorship Changed A Young Boys Life
- Nov 28, 2017 -

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The Quiet Warrior program, a collaboration between PoliceOne and 5.11 Tactical, aims to spotlight the hidden side of law enforcement – the humble excellence that often goes unheralded. Law enforcement is filled with great stories of professionalism, compassion, heroism and humility.

Since he signed up for the “Bigs in Blue” mentorship program, Detective Ryan Brady has witnessed first-hand the difference one cop can make.

By Cole Zercoe for PoliceOne

A few years ago in Roanoke, Virginia, a fourth grade teacher kicked off a discussion about police officers and their role in society by posing a question to the class.

“What do police do?”

“They shoot people, that’s what they do,” a student responded.

Another student’s hand shot up in the air: “My big brother’s a police officer and he doesn’t shoot anybody.”

The young boy, Robert, didn’t have a brother in law enforcement – at least not in the traditional sense. His “big brother” was Ryan Brady, a detective he met through Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s “Bigs in Blue” mentorship program, which pairs law enforcement officers with children in at-risk communities.

Robert’s defense of police officers that day was quite the contrast to his initial reaction to Brady and other Roanoke PD officers when they visited him and other students for the first time.

“The kids saw us walk in in uniform, and were almost scared,” Brady said. “They didn’t want to talk to us, they were shy, they didn’t hear very good things about the police beforehand. This may have been their first face-to-face contact with an officer outside of police responding to some type of issue in their neighborhood or even their home. When I met Robert, he didn’t know how to open up or what to expect. So I think there were a lot of questions about how this would go.”


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