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One SRO’s Mission To Put Children On The Path To Success
- Mar 21, 2018 -

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The Quiet Warrior program, a collaboration between PoliceOne and 5.11 Tactical, aims to spotlight the hidden side of first responders – the humble excellence that often goes unheralded.

Sgt. John Dodd II’s work with kids is all about building the key character traits that enable them to become future leaders

By: Cole Zercoe and Rachel Zoch

One of the most important roles police officers have in society is to lead by example. LEOs serve as role models for their communities through their dedication, integrity and bravery – and nowhere is that influence more vital than in children.

Sgt. John Dodd II takes this to heart. He loves working with children, and if he hadn’t become a police officer like his father and grandfather, he might have been a teacher. But his drive to protect and serve led him to don the uniform and badge in his hometown of Cabot, Arkansas.

“Like most other folks who are police officers, I enjoy helping people,” Dodd said. “A little bit of it was in our blood, but I wanted to help make the place that I grew up in better, and law enforcement was a natural place for me to gravitate toward.”

When Dodd – who’s been a cop for a little over 10 years – started his career in patrol, he often focused on reaching out to the young people in his community. That’s where his heart was, so he became a school resource officer in August 2013 and quickly fell in love with the work.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with the young people in our community,” Dodd said. “Some would say – probably my supervisors would – that I’m a just big kid anyway, but kids can be shaped and molded into being good people, even if they have made mistakes.

“Part of the job I really enjoy doing is getting to talk to those kids who have made some bad choices – maybe it’s just getting in trouble at school, maybe they’ve even been arrested – but being able to talk to them and talk them through their problems,” he said. “I tell them all the time, one day I want to be able to retire and hang up my gun belt and let them take care of things. And I can’t do that if they’re not good, productive citizens.”

Almost immediately after taking on the SRO role, Dodd wanted to find a way to build on his positive interactions with students outside of school hours. He came up with the idea of starting a junior police academy and took it to brass a few years later. Before his pitch was even finished, they approved the program and set up a steering committee to help get it off the ground.


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