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News About Trump Urges Death Penalty For Drug Dealers
- Mar 20, 2018 -

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US President Donald Trump has called for drug traffickers to face the death penalty as part of his plan to combat 

the US painkiller-addiction epidemic.

He outlined the proposal during a speech in New Hampshire, a state badly affected by the opioid crisis.

Mr Trump said his administration was attempting to change the law to execute drug dealers, but it will face stiff political and 

judicial headwinds.

Opioids are a class of drugs including prescription painkillers and heroin.

  • What are opioids and  what are the risks?

Some 2.4 million Americans are estimated to be addicted to the drugs. The crisis claimed an estimated 63,600 lives nationwide 

in 2016, say health officials.Mr Trump was cheered on Monday as he told a crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire: "If we don't 

get tough on the drug dealers we're wasting our time."And that toughness includes the death penalty."Mr Trump previously 

suggested the "ultimate" punishment for traffickers at a rally in Pennsylvania this month.


Congress likely to just say no

Analysis by Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

Donald Trump is calling for an expansion of the federal death penalty at a time when its use is being increasingly curtailed 

across the US.Congress appears unlikely to pass any new extensions of the death penalty and, if it did, the resulting cases 

would almost certainly be bogged down in legal battles for years, if not decades.

On the ground in states like New Hampshire, West Virginia and Kentucky - the front lines of the struggle to control opioid 

addiction - concern is largely directed at shutting down the supply of illegal narcotics, particularly potent fentanyl and 

carfentanil, shipped from overseas - and treating the lifelong struggles of millions of addicts.

Mr Trump's get-tough rhetoric may garner applause, but in the view of local officials it's federal dollars for prevention and treatment that save lives.



What's the legality of Trump's plan?

Outlining its plan, the White House said the Department of Justice would seek the death penalty against drug traffickers "when 

it's appropriate under current law".

Drug-related murder is already a capital offence in the US, but no one has ever been executed using those rules.Mr Trump said 

on Monday: "We have to change the laws and we're working on that now. The Department of Justice is working very hard on 

that."However, such a move would require an act of Congress.

And it would probably fall afoul of previous Supreme Court rulings on proportional punishment.The US president seemed to 

accept on Monday that his policy faced an uphill battle."The ultimate penalty has to be the death penalty," he said. "Now maybe 

our country's not ready for that. It's possible, it's possible."


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