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Naval Infantry Force
- Jun 12, 2018 -

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The Naval Infantry Force (Spanish: Fuerza de Infantería de Marina) are the marine corps and amphibious infantry force of the Mexican Navy. The main task of the Infantería de Marina is to guarantee the maritime security of the country's ports and external and internal defense of the country. To accomplish these responsibilities, the corps is trained and equipped to take on any type of operations from Sea, Air and Land.

The Naval Infantry Corps was reorganized in 2007–2009 into 30 Naval Infantry Battalions (Batallones de Infantería de Marina—BIM), a paratroop battalion, a battalion attached to the Presidential Guard Brigade, two Fast Reaction Forces with six battalions each, and three Special Forces groups. The Naval Infantry are responsible for port security, protection of the ten-kilometer coastal fringe, and patrolling major waterways.

To accomplish the necessary services and tasks, the Naval Infantry's overall responsibilities are to develop amphibious naval capabilities in the areas of operations of the Navy in order to mobilize naval troops immediately and decisively.

The Naval Infantry execute the following tasks:

  • Command and Control: Planning, preparation and conduct of operations.

  • Amphibious assault: To execute amphibious operations as part of a Naval Force.

  • Air assault: To run infiltration operations in areas of difficult access.

  • Amphibious command: To execute special operations such as: reconnaissance, incursions, urban combat and to support other regular operations.

  • Combat Support: To execute operations in support of artillery in the development of amphibious and other regular forces operations

  • Reconnaissance: Operations to obtain information to support operational units.

  • Immediate Response: To run operations in emergency situations, to help the civilian population.


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