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Military Helmet, Combat Suit, Military Boots
- Jan 03, 2018 -

PASGT Kevlar helmet: US military has so far been a large number of helmets, it is made of Kevlar material ("Kevlar" material. It 

is aramid composites. This material is low density, high strength, Durable, high temperature, easy to process and shape, are 

widely used in helmets and body armor.) The PASGT helmets are manufactured by several manufacturers in accordance with 

the military standard MIL-H44099A. The helmet is not designed to withstand direct rifle bullets. Instead Defensive grenades, 

mines, mortar shells, bombs and other fragments of lethal weapons and 9mm pistol shells and shotgun shells direct. The US 

Marine Corps PASGT Helmets have been using Honeywell's Spectra fiber material since the late 1990's and have been tested 

for better performance than Kevlar bullet-proofers and weigh less than Kevlar 30 % the above. However, this material is harder 

than Kevlar to be cast and requires a stiff rigid plate-type structure formed by laminating resin-based and unidirectional fiber 

sheets when making the helmet. If the manufacturer does not handle well, the Spachetra helmet is in the field Environment is 

easy to layer. PASGT helmets look rather rough, caressed as if the paint incorporates a lot of sand. According to the U.S. 

military survey of equipment in Afghanistan, 85% of the interviewed soldiers complain that the helmet is too heavy, causing them 

to have long-term headaches and neck pains, and the helmets on the side of the helmet obstruct the hearing. However, this 

helmet has saved the lives of countless U.S. soldiers.


ACH helmet (ADVANCED COMBAT HELMET): This helmets began serving in the US Army Special Forces in 2001, it uses a new 

type of lightweight materials. ACH helmets are 1.5 pounds lighter than older helmets and feature a suspended foam pad similar 

to a football helmet and a four-point chin strap for a stationary helmet. ACH helmets were originally used to withstand 9mm pistol 

bullets, but battlefield trials have shown that it can also withstand the AK-47 rifle bullets. Today such helmets have begun to be 

heavily equipped with US soldiers in Iraq. After comparing the PASGT Kevlar helmets, the soldiers responded that the helmet 

was more comfortable and stable.


Combat Uniforms: On the battlefield in Iraq, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps soldiers wear their own combat suits. Most of the 

Marine Corps soldiers wear desert digital combat suits. Army soldiers have begun to gradually replace the new ACU combat 

suits, and of course, there are many Soldiers wearing Sansha combat suits, some of the other military uniforms do not explain in 




Boots: Boots are about the health and combat effectiveness of soldiers. During the Iraq war, the U.S. Army soldiers and Marine 

Corps soldiers were assigned different desert combat boots. However, Army soldiers were dissatisfied with the performance of 

their combat boots. Panama boots so soft, easy to wear, many soldiers spend their own money soles replaced "DuPont" soles. 

The United States Marine Corps desert combat boots are much better, in the mouth of soldiers have a good reputation, good 

ventilation, comfortable and stable to wear!


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