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Military Snipers
- Jan 18, 2018 -

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Snipers are highly trained soldiers who specialize in firing targets with improved rifles at great distances. They are also good at 

stealth, camouflage, infiltration and observation skills.


On the battlefield, many missions require a sniper to complete, but their main task has nothing to do with shooting. Sniper 

battlefield on the main responsibility is reconnaissance. Because snipers are adept masters of stealth operations, they are 

ideally suited to sneak into enemy lines and provide headquarters with information about the size, strength and location of the 

enemy forces.


When the mission needs, snipers can accurately open a few shots, in order to achieve the purpose of disintegration and deter 

the enemy. Unlike traditional infantry, snipers are not fighting the entire enemy force; they concentrate on hunting key people 

(ie, officers, pilots, armored car drivers, technicians, and communications operators). Sniper shooting through sudden and fatal, 

both to defeat the enemy's morale, but also to destroy the enemy's combat effectiveness.



When a sniper is aiming for a shot, many changes (wind speed, direction, range, target movement, mirage, light source, 

temperature, barometric pressure) are taken into account before triggering the trigger. This is just the beginning. Finding a 

place to shoot is an extremely complex job. Therefore, the snipers are always fighting a group of two. Am I surprised? Most 

people will be surprised.


People usually think that these Shooter are able to do "a hit kill" lone killer. In fact, real snipers work for the army and law 

enforcement agencies, and they save far more people than they kill.


Since all this work was done in secret, few knew the truth about the job of being a sniper, so we visited the parties directly. Our 

interviewees used to be a sniper for the U.S. Army Rangers, who revealed to us the details. In the next few sections we will 

describe the tools, skills and training that these mysterious and lethal warriors use.


Snipers will also assume some support duties. These support duties may be screen shots or snares. When the sniper takes on 

the responsibility of screen shooting, he is hidden in a place where he can clearly see the battlefield. Where he can defeat the 

assailants by removing the enemy forces that pose a threat to the offensive squad. While blocking, the snipers rack their guns 

to help guard the positions controlled by their own squad. They may put guns on the roof to help the ground forces defend their